VIDEO: Israeli Analyst – Hamas Has 3,000 Elite Soldiers Ready to Die in Suicide Attacks on Israel


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hamas11An Israeli analyst told CNN’s Wolf Blitzer Friday morning that he received information from reliable sources that 3,000 Hamas elite soldiers told their families goodbye and appear ready to carry out suicide attacks on Israel.

Middle East analyst Gershon Baskin said that all the fighters were equipped with suicide vests and that they had expected to die in terrorist attacks.

Baskin spoke just hours after a Hamas suicide attack, believed to have been conducted by the group’s militant wing Ezzedine al-Qassam brigade, killed two Israeli soldiers. During the surprise Hamas attack, which happened two hours into the 72-hour agreement for a cease fire, the militants captured an Israeli officer.

“You say these elite fighting forces they’re all prepared– they all go in with suicided vests ready to kill themselves in order to kill Israelis?” Blitzer asked as Baskin nodded.

“I was told by someone who had spoke to al-Qassam, the military wing of officer who said that before the ground operation began they were all instructed to go to their families and say goodbye to their families with the intent that they would not be returning alive from this battle,” Baskin told Blitzer in an news report airing live from Israel. “This is one of the very difficult things about fighting with an organization like Hamas, particularly these very dedicated soldiers, combatants who are not afraid to die.”

“We will do what needs to be done to protect our people,” Mark Regev, spokesman for Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu told Blitzer after Baskin’s interview.



  1. Looks like the only solution to the Gaza situation is to bomb them into oblivian. If these attacks continue Israel should shut off all power, water and supplies to Gaza.

  2. take no prisoners; kill them one kill them all.

    When you get up to go to war against your enemy.REMEMBER HE IS AN ENEMY AND HAS NO RACHMONOUS ON YOU; KILL HIM

  3. In Hallel (Tehillim 118:12) we say “savavuni kidvorim, do’
    achu k’eitz kotzim, b’Sheim Hashem ki amilam” – they surround me like bees, they are quenched like thorns on fire, in the name of Hashem I will cut them off.

    A bee stings, even though it knows it will die in the process.

    This pasuk is the third in a row which end “bSheim Hashem ki amilam”. These three pesukim refer to the historical progression of intensity of our persecution by our enemies. In the end of time, our enemies will pursue us, even though that pursuit is suicidal for them. But ultimately, with the help of Hashem, we will prevail and utterly destroy them.

    Hashem Yishmor.

  4. Reb Meir Kahane z”l got it right and had the forsight to see that there could NEVER be peace between Israeli and arab and the only solution was to drive them out of the country. They ridiculed him in the Knesset and we missed 2 opportunities to get it done. How about now?