Hamas Fired Continuously at Ben-Gurion International Airport


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kassAccording to a senior Israel Air Force official quoted anonymously by the daily Maariv, Hamas during Operation Protective Edge fired at Ben-Gurion International Airport continuously. The source explains the Iron Dome protected the airport and as a result, nothing struck it.

The source says that after a rocket struck a Yahud home, the FAA and its European equivalent halted commercial air travel to Tel Aviv for a number of days. He remains proud however that despite Hamas’ best effort, no rockets were able to strike the airport, all intercepted by the Iron Dome.

While the source admitted that two Iron Dome rockets were fired at incoming Hamas rockets during the warfare, he would not detail exactly how many were fired at all incoming rockets and how the decisions were reached.

The source stated some 3,500 rockets were fired during Protective Edge, including 250 rockets with a range exceeding 45km; the rockets directed at Gush Dan and north of that area as well as towards Yerushalayim. 1,000 rockets and mortar shells were launched into southern Israel to the under seven kilometer range. The Iron Dome is not capable of intercepting them.

Military intelligence officials estimate that prior to Operation Protective Edge Hamas had 10,000 rockets and mortar shells, of which 3,500 were fired at Israel. An equal number was destroyed. As such, it is believed that Hamas still has 3,000 rockets.

(YWN – Israel Desk, Jerusalem)


  1. Im Hashem Loy Yishmor … Shov Shokad Shomer
    don’t rely on the iron dome. w
    When the iron dome was down for an hour, there were NO sirens!!! as soon as the machine was back up there was the first siren in an hour!!!
    It’s NOT the iron dome that is protecting us.
    of course it works, with His help.