Statement On Behalf Of Family Of Aaron Sofer Z”L


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asYWN was requested to publish the following:

On behalf of the family of Aharon Sofer, we would like to thank everyone who has been davening and working tirelessly to locate him. Aharon Z”L has been found and the levaya took place at R’ Tzvi Kaplans yeshiva with Kevurah in the Bais Olam in Beit Shemesh.

We would like to urge Klal Yisroel to please carry through with the feelings of chizuk and achdus that have been created throughout this trying time. At the advice of the gedolim, the men should try and learn for 30 minutes before kabolas Shabbos and the women should try to take in Shabbos 15 minutes early (but not before Plag Hamincha) for the next two weeks. May this zchus be an aliyah for the neshama of Aharon Ben Moshe Tzvi.

Umacha Hashem Dimah Meahl Kol Panim, May we never know of anymore tzaar.

(YWN world Headquarters – NYC)


  1. as one who attended the levaya on Friday, I just wanted to say to the chashuva mishpacha in avel-that I received tremendous chizuk from the hespedim and deep pride in being part of the Torah world. wishing the family nechuma and strength and brocha in the new year.