Rabbi Berland Shlita Released On Bail In Holland – Israel Remains Clueless


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berlIsrael last week received word of the arrest of Shuvu Banim Rosh Yeshiva Rabbi Eliezer Berland. The Rabbi, who is wanted for alleged crimes in Israel, fled South Africa to avoid arrest only to be placed in custody in Holland. Israel was pleased and the rabbi’s extradition is expected but Israel soon learned the rabbi was released on bail on erev Shabbos despite having been arrested in compliance with a request from Israel Police via an international arrest warrant filed by Interpol. The rabbi was arrested on Thursday when he got off the flight from S. Africa.

The rabbi was remanded on erev Shabbos and released on €50,000 bail. The rabbi’s attorney, Sharon Nahari reports to the media the handling of the case is rare because the charges against the rabbi are not serious, adding his client is 77-years-old.

Nahari adds the rabbi will remain in Holland in the coming months, remaining with followers, and he will fight Israel’s efforts to extradite him. The rabbi is quoted saying that he does not plan to return to Israel.

“I am done with the State of Israel, which is a State of Hamas. They fire missiles at Israel yet it is me they are afraid of, me they are hunting instead of hunting true criminals or terrorists. They haven’t any evidence against me, no case, nothing at all” the rav is quoted saying.

The rav has been avoiding arrest for over 18 months, having traveled to a number of countries including Morocco and Zimbabwe.

(YWN – Israel Desk, Jerusalem)


  1. Why did Holland release this guy from jail? If he was truly innocent, he would voluntarily return to EY to fight the charges in a courtroom rather that running from country to country like some common thief

  2. Why must he be present to fight the charges? Why can’t his attorneys fight the charges on his behalf and prove his innocence איין מאל פאר אלעמאל.

  3. If it’s not serious facing his accusers in court should be no big deal.
    But from trying to read up on the case he is being accused of the sort of crimes YWN doesn’t like to write about for which Katsav is sitting 7 years, not crimes I would categorize as not serious if they indeed happened.

  4. Elements within the israeli establishment working over-time behind the scenes, chasing Rav Berland all around the world just like they have been hounding the Lev Tahor community.
    Good on Rav Berland, for seeing thourhg a request to visit the local police station for “questioniing”. If they had anything, they would be visiting him at his home or Yeshiah to arrest him. They had nothing, but they did have a media trial in the wings, and the Rav saw thorugh this. They would have had the press there, and some cops would take him by his arms and theyd get the pictue they want for the front page of the papers and then they would have procedded to schecht him for a few months, and all this regardless of a an actual trial.

  5. BS”D
    Why on the run if innocent?
    a] He has been warned that the erev rav running the dog & pony show called “Israel Justice System” will NOT give him a fair trial & will instead be seeking how to fabricate a trial to disgrace a Rav who has been a top leader in the Tshuva movement. & if they can “accidentally” cause his death (even while questioning to prove his innocence) all the better in their eyes.

    b] Being as the prime female “victim” has already admitted that she received 3,000 NIS to make the false accusations & to get others to do so too; there are police officers who are pushing to have him expose who is behind the false accusations. It is already known that it is small group of characters who he threw out of the kehila for grossly improper behavior. & he knows that if he exposes them blood will flow. He wants to avoid this.

    c] He has already stated, several years ago, that he is taking on busha (disgrace/embarrassment) & galut to save many in Israel from Dinei Shamayim

  6. Medic 613 –
    a] You truly believe someone wants to kill him and wishes to do so in police custody?

    b] If your theories are true let him step forward and help bring those responsible to justice

    c] Last time I checked we aren’t X-tians and we don’t believe that someone else can do tshuva for our sins.