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Rabbi Amsellem Registers as a Candidate in Jerusalem Rabbinate Election

amsnRabbi Chaim Amsellem, who heads the Am Shalem party has officially registered to run in the upcoming race to elect an Ashkenazi and Sephardi Chief Rabbi of Jerusalem. He told the media he hopes to become the city’s next Sephardi Chief Rabbi. The election is scheduled for 27 Tishrei 5775.

The rabbi explains that Jerusalem is the holy city and today, tensions are rising between the different walks of life, including between the religious and chareidi. He therefore feels that a rav is needed who can identify with the different camps and work to bring the essential religious services to the different communities. “I think that I am both worthy and suited for the position and I am doing it” stated Rabbi Amsellem.

(YWN – Israel Desk, Jerusalem)

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  1. Rav Amsellem does have backing from many segements of the Sephardic kehillos. His psak and understanding of their culture (before it became litvish/yeshivish/charedish) is very much on target.

  2. Zionflag
    Maybe you want to tell us who is backing him?

    He was kicked out of shas by command of Harav Ovadia zt”l and then said “divrei genai” publicly about Harav Ovadia’s derech hachaim.

    He couldn’t even get his son into a chareidi yeshiva (ashkenaz or sefaradi) never mind support from the Chareidi kehilot for Rabbi of Jerusalem

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