London: Stamford Hill Posters Telling Women What Side Of The Road To Walk On Are Removed



The following is via the Hackney Gazette:

Hackney Council have removed posters in Stamford Hill telling women what side of the road they should walk on after a backlash from residents.

The notices were taken down after multiple complaints to the council about the posters which read “women should please walk along this side of the road only” in English and Yiddish.

The Jewish group Shomrim who support policing in the borough said the posters had been put up by an orthodox Jewish group for a religious parade this week.

Chaim Hochhauser of Stamford Hill Shomrim said: “Shomrim didn’t know much about these posters until it was brought to our attention later on, however, the logo on the side (in Hebrew) is from a Torah Parade which took place, and the request was intended for the people from the Orthodox Jewish community that were attending the street event.

“Traditionally at these Torah Parades in the Orthodox Jewish community which is usually attended by a large number of people, men and women are in separate groups, as people dance and make physical contact with fellow dancers, which is avoided between the opposite gender in Orthodox Judaism.”

He continued: “Shomrim have since contacted the event organisers, and explained that these posters lacked explanation in the English text, and therefore could have offended people who don’t understand the Hebrew wording and the logo.”

Stamford Hill is home to more than 20,000 Haredi Jews – the third largest group in the world.

Hackney Council spokesperson said: “As soon as the signs were brought to the Council’s attention they were removed.”

(Source: Hackney Gazette)


  1. There were two problems, they should have had the signs in Hebrew or Yiddish only and they should have been removed immediately after the hachnosas sefer torah.