Yishai Rejected an Offer to Join Likud


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yishain2A senior Likud official has offered Eli Yishai to move over to the party as it appears he is about to break from Shas after 31 years of service. Yishai was told he can place one person in addition to himself in a “realistic slot” on the lineup and those position would be secured and not linked to the party’s primaries. Likud internal polls show Yishai would bring the party three additional seats.

Persons close to Yishai confirm the offer was made but Likud officials are not confirming or denying the report.

(YWN – Israel Desk, Jerusalem)


  1. While he is a lot more hawkish than left winger arye deri, if I recall correctly he was the main voice on the security cabinet against an Iran strike i doubt Likud can really be his home.