Yair Lapid: We Won’t Push for Public Transportation on Shabbos


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egednThere is speculation as to the legitimacy of the new dati leumi light faction of the Yesh Atid party. Some feel the addition to MK Elazar Stern to the party and the announce dati leumi faction is nothing more than an election ploy. Stern, Shai Piron and others say this is not so, insisting they will draw votes from many “classic dati leumi” voters who have become disenchanted with Bayit Yehudi.

In a conversation with Ze’ev Kom of Makor Rishon, Yesh Atid leader Yair Lapid announced his party will not advance efforts for public transportation service on Shabbos in the coming Knesset.

Kom reports that Yesh Atid’s Rabbi Shai Piron has been contacting dati leumi notables in the hope of drawing votes from the dati leumi community. Yesh Atid is now waiting for them to publically announce their support for the party.

(YWN – Israel Desk, Jerusalem)


  1. Who’d a thunk.

    Just yesterday there was an article in arutz sheva quoting Lapid that not only would push for public transport on shabbos in non chareidi cities, but that he is sure that the chareidim would join a coalition with him.
    He was quoted add saying that the chareidim would join a govt with Homon if they felt they could benefit from it.