NY Attorney General Proposes Limit On Late Fees In Storm


snowNew York’s attorney general is sending letters to 62 banks, mortgage lenders and utilities asking they temporarily suspend late fees for customers on Long Island hit by this week’s snowstorm.

According to authorities, the storm interrupted mail service and banking on Tuesday, creating a potential backlog in delivering bills and credit card statements.

Attorney General Eric Schneiderman says suspending late fees is the right thing to do as residents, families and businesses dig themselves out, recover from storm damage and need a grace period for making bill and mortgage payments.

Two feet of snow fell on parts of Long Island.



  1. The sugyas of ‘tchilaso b’pshiya vsofo b’ones’ or ‘ones b’yom acharon’ come to mind. Of course, many of these people could have paid these bills over the course of several weeks. No ‘ones’ going on there. At the end there was what we could call an ‘ones’, at which point it was difficult or not possible to take care of these bills, etc. Interesting questions….