Tehillim Still Needed For Yeshiva Boy Struck By Vehicle In Monsey With Critical Injuries


mpsPlease continue to be the Mispallel for 14-year-old Alter Shimon Yecheskel ben Rochel Chana, who was struck by a vehicle in Monsey last Thursday night. As YWN had reported, he was riding his bicycle around 8:20PM on Route 59 near Monsey Glatt when he was struck by a vehicle. He suffered serious injuries and was rushed by Hatzolah of Rockland to Westchester Trauma Center, where he was listed in critical condition and placed on a respirator.

Sources tell YWN that he is going to undergo various medical procedures in the next two days. The family thanks all those around the globe who  have been davening for their son, and ask all to please continue to have him in mind in your Tefillos.

Alter Shimon Yecheskel ben Rochel Chana – bsoch sha’ar cholei yisroel.

(YWN Monsey Newsroom)