Hamas Continues Efforts to Arm Against Israel


hamB’chasdei Hashem Israeli security forces this week intercepted a shipment of 18 tons of special coal that is used to make metal and weapons. The smuggled shipment was heading to Gaza to assist Hamas in its ongoing effort to rebuild its military capabilities.

In the interim Israel permits the entry of building materials and caravan homes into Gaza to assist in the effort to rehabilitate the Hamas-controlled area following Operation Protective Edge. IDF Chief Liaison Officer to Gaza Colonel Farris Attila confirms supplies are brought into Gaza daily as security forces battle to intercept shipments intended to advance Hamas’ weapons program.

Earlier in the month infrared equipment and other electronics used in weaponry were intercepted. Six weeks ago three Israeli working with Hamas for profit were arrested for assisting the enemy to bring metal into Gaza, metal that was intended to rebuild Hamas’ weapons cache for the next round of warfare with Israel.

(YWN – Israel Desk, Jerusalem)