US Undersecretary of State Sherman Sends a Clear Warning to PM Netanyahu About ‘Two-State Solution’


biblUS Undersecretary of State Wendy Sherman has sent a clear message to Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu as he works to assemble his new government. The senior US official stated that if Israel’s new administration does not include moving ahead with the so-called “two-state solution” with the PA (Palestinian Authority), there will be clear and serious implications regarding future American support for Israel in the diplomatic arena.

Speaking to an event sponsored by Reform Movement leaders in the US capital, Sherman used the forum to get the State Department’s message across.

“If the new Israeli government is seen as stepping back from its commitment to a two-state solution — something that all of you, and a vast majority of American Jews, support that makes our jobs in the international arena a lot tougher because our ability to push back on efforts to internationalize” she explained, citing the administration’s insistence on the continuation of direct negotiations between Israel and the PA.

Sherman’s message is one of many released by US officials since Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu’s party took the national elections, earning 30 seats for his Likud party. Statements released by Mr. Netanyahu against the two-state solution elicited an immediate and stern message from US President Barak Obama and other administration officials. These messages include America may no longer come to Israel’s side to veto anti-Israel resolutions in the United Nations or stand by Israel’s side to prevent economic boycotts if the “peace process” with the PA is abandoned.

Clearly the current US administration would have preferred to see Netanyahu defeated and it is now seeking to influence the formation of the new government as much as possible so that it will be in line with American position.

(YWN – Israel Desk, Jerusalem)


  1. It’s simple. Give every Jew in the world an acre of free land on condition they build a home with their own money within a year. You will have the entire area settled. Facts on the ground is the trick. They can’t evict two million Jews. Any Arab throwing a stone gets deported with his family. Streets will be safe and tourism will increase.

  2. One would think that the architect of the nuclear accord with North Korea would show a little bit of humility before asking Israel to withdraw to indefensible borders, especially in times like these.
    It’s inconceivable why people with horrendous track records are given the opportunity to do more damage in the world, as if N.Korea isn’t bad enough, now Iran, and as if Iran isn’t enough, return to “negotiations”, which is code word for accede to all PA’s demands and let Hamas set up another terror state alongside of Israel.
    But the State Dept. was never known for it’s talent or sense of equity when it comes to the ME.
    For the political hack in the WH, “Well, you couldn’t buy the election, Chicago style, so now you’ll try to blackmail your way in through your influence.”
    Good Luck, sir, we have Someone a little more powerful on our side…I just hope our leaders realize it.

  3. What an idiotic Anti Semetic statement by the Obama administration. The people of Israel have spoken in a free and open democratic election and this arrogant Kenyan wants to dictate to them what to do?! Its bad enough he is a Dictator in his own Country that the dumb stupid voters don’t give a darn about. These statements are an unprecedented act of provocation against the Jewish State and the Jewish people! Who the H-ll is he to threaten the Jewish people?!
    When Obama stole the last election, I didn’t see him hiring right wing conservatives to his administration. I didn’t see him hire conservative Supreme Court justices. Etc etc.
    Let that stupid Kenyan worry about his poor oppressed black Brothers in Baltimore & Ferguson. Give them all free 62 inch flat screen TV’s. Let him worry about 2 women who want to marry each other. Let him worry about a woman who wants to murder her baby and wants the dumb stupid taxpayer to fund it. Let him worry about the ozone layer. Let him worry about his golf game.
    But for Heaven’s sake: LEAVE THE JEWISH PEOPLE ALONE!!!

    P.S. I didn’t see any rescue team from the great Palestinians in Nepal.

  4. The goyim love to send out Jews to give over bad messages against other Jews. The trend is clear, kosher the message by sending out a self hating Jew!

    This is the same everywhere, liberal Jews/self hating Jews will do and say anything against their fellow Jew to find favor in the goy’s eyes!!!

    They all used Jews to kosher themselves, shame on all of them

  5. Oh, she is horrendous. The whole lot of them are horrendous. And spiteful. A lot of hooey and hot air. If they would follow up on their threat RE their so-called support at the UN, would it be so different? We know the US is gong to remain a financial backer behind the scenes, because if not it will be Russia instead. It’s a big, messy chess game. Dig in your heels, Bibi. It’s another year and a half. I suggest you reply with a photo of you sticking out your tongue at them.

  6. A recent column in the Conway Daliy Sun ‘Fact vs Faith’ an opinion column concerning a new view of Jerusalem by a Stanford Anthropologist misses an important point, it is not new. Jerusalem as a metaphor of a portal to heaven shared by different religions is the definition of Zion by the founding colonizers of the New World. Zion or Jerusalem is common to the Abrahamic religions, Judaism, Christianity, and Mohammedism and was the basis for the toleration of different religions. The use of Zion as a Metaphor can be found used by Roger Williams (Fourth Paper) founder of Rhode Island and the Goad’s of Eton, influential ministers, publishers and educators associated with Kings college before and after the time of Shakespeare.
    There was a minority group in 1649 that took the metaphor of Zion and Jerusalem literally and were referred to as the Fifth Monarchists. The End Times was at hand and the Millenialist wanted to assist Revelation by having the imprisoned King Charles executed and he was. From 1649 to 1660 Great Britain and the colonies were ruled by Oliver Cromwell a victorious military leader friend of Roger Williams and Christopher Goad (a contributor to the Fourth Paper). When a new King Charles was ordained the followers of the literal interpretation of Zion tried to assassinate the King but their rebellion to fulfill prophecy failed. This was a faction of several hundred extremist Puritans.
    Ironically today Christian Zionism is taken literally by the religious leader Jerry Falwell and Liberty University where they produce legal degrees for christen lawyers committed to America as a religious state like Israel. The idea of Israel being a Jewish state or Pakistan being an Islamic state goes against everything learned in the Seventeenth century and the decades of religious wars. Christian Zionism as a portal for the entry to heaven was metaphorically and literally used as a key to peace by our founding fathers by separating church and state. Ironically it is turned upside down by so called liberty loving modern Christian Zionists claiming Jerusalem for Israel for End Times. I am proud of my Jewish heritage and relatives. My Jewish grand aunt Rose Lipp was an authority on Masonic Regalia and sewed the Masonic apron for President Theodore Roosevelt worn during the ceremonial laying of the cornerstone for Pilgrim Monument, honoring the location and signing of the Mayflower Compact. (Scottish rite museum, Lexington)