Baltimore Mayor Lifts Citywide Curfew Put In Place After Rioting


bngBaltimore’s mayor has lifted a citywide curfew six days after the death of Freddie Gray sparked riots in the city.

The order for residents to stay home after 10 p.m. had been in place since Tuesday, and officials had planned to keep it in place through Sunday. Protests since Monday’s riots have been peaceful, and the announcement of charges against six officers involved in Gray’s arrest eased tensions.

Mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake said in a statement Sunday morning that her goal was not to maintain the curfew any longer than was necessary.

Gray died after suffering a severe spinal injury while in police custody. The six officers face charges ranging from manslaughter to second-degree murder.



  1. Instead of conveniently making this into a police v.s blacks and avoiding the bigger picture:

    Blacks have been living in the US ,for a few hundred years and the hispanics are invited in en masse to take away the low income jobs just because they work a little bit harder

    If a black male so much as turns his face the wrong way to a white female ,he could potentially get in trouble.

    [iirc white males today barely have it better]

    Blacks are also more sensitive than whites in absorbing from osmosis the atmosphere pervading in the air [though they completely incapable to articulate it]

    And being on a lower socioracial level, they have less defenses to somewhat insulate themselves from the deteriorating of society

    Therefore ,rather than blaming blacks for acting out and thereby using them as strawmen,

    How about putting the blame for silent collapsing of society.. where it belongs?

  2. To understand evil, we must set aside the comfortable belief that we would never do anything wrong. Instead, we must begin to ask ourselves, what would it take for me to do such things? Assume that it would be possible.
    — Roy Baumeister

  3. Baltimoron had been run by the socialist liberal democrats for Shomray one hundred years.

    Throwing money at them hasn’t helped.

  4. 1 and 2: Your approach was tried in the 1960s and 1970s. It only produced more rioting. Furthermore, Baltimore now has substantial black representation citywide. So if there are such incendiary social problems, why don’t all those leaders sit down and address them?

  5. 1, The rioting was limited to one predominantly Black neighborhood, with some spillover to downtown. The major damage caused by the incident was from the curfew, not the rioting, and the damages were primarily felt by inner city employees who lost income.

    2. The state of Maryland has a well established policy of discouraging any industry, and relies on government work. The state has deliberately gutted its private sector, other than government contractors. The primary victim of this policy are working class blacks (as opposed to the middle class one with the government jobs who work in the suburbs).

    3. Baltimore is hardly the center of Maryland economically or politically. It is basically a fancy suburb of Washington (even if it still has its own baseball team and newspaper – unlike Brooklyn which lost its major league team and newspaper in the 1950s).

  6. A Black hold every major elected office in Baltimore and has a majority in the City Council for quite a while. They also control the abysmal school system.

    It’s a bit much to place the blame on society, meaning the Whites. White in Baltimore pay a majority of the bills in the city, while being not much more that 20% of the population. They also get the least in terms of city services.

    Just like the Nations Blacks have suffered more under a Black President, the same can be said for the cities. It’s not so much that the race factor that’s to blame for this, it’s the leftist liberal approach that makes it impossible for positive change.

    Nest time anyone hears the term, “change, change change,” they should have the sense to ask what change is being sought.