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Shaked Approved by PM for Justice Ministry Slot

download (1)It is now being reported that the path to Bayit Yehudi’s inclusion in the coalition has been cleared off a big stumbling block as Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu has agreed to give control of the Justice Ministry to Bayit Yehudi and has lifted objections to Ayelet Shaked serving in the post.

To many this seems to have removed the major obstacle for Bennett and a signature on a coalition agreement may be expected before the deadline expires today, Wednesday 17 Iyar at midnight.

However there is trouble in-house, as officials from the Ichud Leumi faction of Bayit Yehudi headed by Uri Ariel have stated if Ariel does not receive the second senior slot as per their agreement, the faction will withdraw from the party.

Ariel is supposed to receive the second slot, in this case the Justice Ministry, but Bennett appears to have promised this to Shaked. Shaked earned the second slot in the Bayit Yehudi primaries, which places her behind Bennett the party but only in third place on the Knesset lineup as the deal between Bayit Yehudi and Tekuma places Ariel in the second slot of the Knesset lineup, ahead of Shaked.

(YWN – Israel Desk, Jerusalem)

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  1. Their system is so broke – the word pathetic is an expressive of overrate.
    Like Bob would have said, “Sick, and getting sicker!”

  2. My above comment was to express skepticism in the value of the primary system because the party chairman often makes unilateral decisions.
    We will see if he does honor his commitments now.
    The second on the Tekuma faction list is actually an attorney, perhaps he would be a better choice than Shaked.

  3. This coalition does not have longevity so a rotation system is useless. Most parties besides the Charedi parties have primaries & BY had one earlier this year.

  4. #5- (A) Ariel was NOT elected in the primaries. (B) Placement in the primaries equates to placement on the list of nominees for the Knesset and that is all. In no party does it set priorities for ministerial or other appointments. (C) If Ariel wants to prevent a right wing coalition from forming over petty issues of personal kavod – let him: that will certainly be the end of his public career.

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