PHOTOS: Hundreds Attend Bike Etching Event In Far Rockaway Hosted By Shomrim And Yeshiva Darchei Torah


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In coordination with Yeshiva Darchei Torah, the RNSP held its third annual bike etching event at the Annual Bike-a-Thon, on Sunday May, 31. Hundreds of people attended the event.

A Bike etching consists of engraving a serial number on the bikes. The serial number is then filed with the NYPD and RNSP and can help return a recovered stolen bike to its rightful owner. This bike registration is free and is one of the many community services provided by the RNSP.

In the Summer of 2014, the RNSP recovered over 25 stolen bikes while conducting neighborhood patrols and/or responding to calls made through the RNSP 24-Hour Hotline. Only 2 of the over 25 recovered bikes was returned to its rightful owner as none of those were properly etched.

Day and night, the volunteers of the RNSP work very closely with the NYPD to combat crime in the neighborhood and ensure that the streets of the community are safe. The Yeshivah very much encouraged the entire community to come out and take advantage of this opportunity.

Thankfully, it was a huge success.

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(Chaim Shapiro – YWN)