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PA Illegal Smuggled in Vehicle Trunk to Get Married

mishA 21-year-old resident of PA (Palestinian Authority) occupied Shechem was apprehended inside the trunk of a vehicle that was attempting to smuggle her into Green Line Israel. The car stop was made by border police at the entrance to Eilat. The incident occurred on Tuesday, 22 Sivan.

Three border policemen were conducting routine inspections at a checkpoint at the entrance to Eilat. They felt a particular vehicle was suspicious, instructing the driver to pull over for inspection.

When one of the border policemen opened the trunk he saw a thick rope and a human hand sticking out from underneath. The occupants of the vehicle was detained as border police feared they may have been on their way to an attack. A woman got out of the trunk and they learned she was on her way to get married.

The driver and bride were taken into custody and arraigned on Tuesday.

(YWN – Israel Desk, Jerusalem)

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  1. Right. And there was a diamond ring on the finger of that hand they noticed. What – there aren’t enough firecrackers to shoot off in her home town? She was a bride like the Pope is Jewish, imho.

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