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Yavne Wedding Hall Didn’t Have an Operating Permit


Investigators report on Tuesday, 6 Tammuz, that the Adya Wedding Hall in Yavne does not have an operating permit. A lighting system collapsed in the hall during a chasenah on Monday night, resulting in one fatality and leaving 21 others injured. Aviva Hayun z”l, 54, was killed when a large chandelier fell from the ceiling. Her levaya was announced for 17:00 on Tuesday in Moshav Emunim.

Ynet reports that while the hall has a number of permits, the final business license was never issued because the hall never received the necessary Ministry of Health permit. The owners of the hall will be charged with operating a hall without a license but this may the least of their worries considering a woman was killed and others injured.

The father of the kallah, David Levy, told the press he was supposed to work on the chandelier, but B’chasdei Hashem he did not. He is a welder and he realizes that had he had a hand in the light that fell he would be involved in the current investigation. His daughter, the kallah, is unfortunately reported in a very difficult psychological state following the disaster that occurred at her chasenah.

Yavne City Hall spokesman Ariel Heller stated “the structure has a building permit and an occupancy permit. The operators did file for an operating permit, and the halls does have the required fire department and Israel Police permits. However, since all the Ministry of Health requirements were not met an operating permit was never issued”.

Heller added in recent months the city has been taking businesses operating without a license to court and City Hall awaits a verdict in cases from the Rehovot Magistrate Court. “City Hall is in touch with the families and we extended our condolences over the loss of life and will continue doing what we can to assist the injured and their families” Heller added.

A man in his 30s is listed in moderate condition with a head injury and 20 others are all listed in light condition. The police investigation continues.

Ichud Hatzalah EMT Yoni Rothenberg explains details of the incident:

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(YWN – Israel Desk, Jerusalem)

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