Boro Park: Summer Burglary Alert – Tips From NYPD If You Will be Away From Home


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burgThe 66th Precinct asks for your help in reducing burglaries in your area, especially in the summer time when going on VACATION. Please remember the following security tips when going away:

1. Secure all valuables in a safety deposit box, especially when on vacation.

2. Be sure to lock your windows and secure all doors when you are not at home.

3. Always double lock your doors and use dead bolts, whether you are home or not.

4. Use a timer to turn lights on and off inside and outside your home when you are not home.

5. Leave a radio tuned to a talk show station when you are not home.

6. Never say that you are not at home on answering machine messages, simply say that you are unavailable, and use the word we, not i on your message.

7. When not in use, patio furniture and ladders should be properly stored away.

8. Always keep exterior light fixtures in proper working order, replace burnt out bulbs as soon as possible.

9. All lighting should be secured in a vandal/weather resistant housing.

10. Leave lights and radio on a timer if possible.

11. Doors should be equipped with peepholes, and always look through peepholes before opening a door.

12. If your home or apartment is equipped with an alarm, please use it.

13. When going on vacation, inform the postal office to hold your mail until you return.

14. Make arrangements to have your lawn mowed.

15. Ask the neighbors to park their vehicles in your driveway in your absence.

16. Have your neighbor pick up newspapers and mail daily.

17. Also have your neighbor set out trash on trash day.


The N.Y.C Police Department is currently engage in a highly successful property identification program called Operation I.D. Operation I.D. is offered free of charge by the NYPD and involves registering items such as TV’s, radio’s, cell phones, computers, bicycles, etc. Items can also be engraved with a uniquely identifiable serial number. This service is available by contacting your local Crime Prevention Officer. In the 66 Precinct please call P.O. Riomao. 718-851-5620.

(YWN Desk – NYC)