Update on Stabbing Victims from Jerusalem Gay Pride Parade [UPDATED 13:08 IL]


20150730173112 (1)Six people were taken to Jerusalem hospitals on Thursday, 14 Menachem Av, following the stabbing attack at the Gay Pride Parade.  The suspect, Yishai Schlisel, is in custody.

Officials at Shaare Zedek Medical Center report on Friday morning that one victim, a female, remains in very serious condition in a cardiothoracic intensive care unit. A male victim is reported in stable condition.

Hadassah Hospital reports two of the victims have been discharged and two remain in the hospital, in a surgical unit for observation. The second is in an orthopedic unit, both listed in light condition.

13:08 IL: The female who was gravely injured in the attack was transferred from Shaare Zedek Medical Center to a neurological intensive care unit in Hadassah Ein Kerem Hospital.

(YWN – Israel Desk, Jerusalem)


  1. The wretching part is that this action will never get them, or any of their ilk, to do תשובה.
    Also, clearly, that Shlissel guy is not normal and all חרדים’s reputation will suffer.

  2. Really, Yaapchik? The “wretching part” of this senseless injurious, possibly murderous and life wrecking incident is that the victims won’t do Teshuvah?

    You’re an idiot. You are making the Chareidim’s reputation suffer as well.

    You don’t think external sites link to this one and can see what you wrote?

  3. I am convinced that this attack was prearranged by the govt or by the leftists… something like the yigal amir theory…
    the govt and leftists wanted to prove a point… show how serious they take harrassment, discrimination or terror to this community… to prove themselves as a progressive mind govt.
    If I’m wrong then please answer these questions…
    Why were the countless notices this guy gave about coming to the parade with knives ignored?
    Why didn’t he receive something like a restaining order from the parade?
    Whats this PR campaign and visiting the toeva pple buy rabbanim going on? as if to say; you’re perfect!
    The sudden alliance with that community is so overboard…..
    its not just the incompetence of a police chief. it is something much greater than that.
    They knew they were releasing a man that noone came to pick up from prison. is divorced and has noone that can give him support or satisfaction in life. they basically released him to the streets….
    When you know how the leftists combined with sabra mentality work.. you have it here in this perfectly prearranged by govt story… –

  4. Wow. All the nutjobs outing themselves on this one.

    “Geula” maybe your job is to love every Jew and worry about your own Aveiros. Maybe it’s not your job to judge anyone.

    The “toeva ppl”? You sound like your education never went further than Sesame Street level.

    Maybe this was a conspiracy. A conspiracy to show us how many heartless, judgmental Jews we have amongst our midst and that we should pray for them and do Teshuvah.

    Refuah Shaleimah to you “Geula.”