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Lack of Funding Compels IDF to Halt ‘Netiv’ Giyur Program

idf logoThe IDF giyur program, Netiv, is being suspended due to a lack of funds. According to the Channel 2 News report, military authorities explain NIS 20 million intended for the program in 2015 is not going to be allocated, compelling the cancelation of the program. The IDF Spokesman’s Office explains “Everything possible is being done to keep the course going”.

An urgent meeting on the matter was held on Monday, 2 Elul in the office of the Chief of Manpower Branch of the IDF, Major-General Chaggai Tupolinsky. The chief education office and other manpower officials participated in the meeting. The decision was made to cancel the course that was supposed to begin in September.

Hundreds of soldiers begin the course but far less complete it and actually become converts. The Netiv course is viewed as being more liberal than frum giyur in the civilian world. The soldiers are informed at the start of the course that when they complete Netiv, they will have to complete three additional programs including limud. Upon completion of the three additional components of the giyur the soldiers are assigned to regular duties until summoned to the beis din of the IDF Rabbinate.

(YWN – Israel Desk, Jerusalem)

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  1. Nativ was created to inculcate Jewish ideas to Israeli soldiers — both Jewish and non-Jewish. Attending these courses counts as fulfilling most of one’s IDF service.

    I sat-in a session to see for myself what the program is about. I was shocked to witness a woman wearing pants as one of the teachers (it was a no-brainer to me that the female soldiers wore pants, but I’d expect a higher standard from the teachers).

    Nor is Nativ’s director frum, though “supportive of inculcating Jewish values” to all Israeli soldiers. If money wasn’t an issue, he’d want every Israeli soldier to attend Nativ.

    There is an alternative to Nativ, which is run by frum teachers: it’s called the yeshiva system.

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