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Rav Ba’adani: One Seminar for Sephardi Girls in Elad, No More

baaRabbi Shimon Ba’adani Shlita, a member of the Shas Moetzas Gedolei Hatorah, has announce there may be only one seminar for Sephardi girls in Elad. The rav has instructed Rebitzen Yocheved Gavra not to open additional schools for the Sephardi girls in the city.

It appears that Elad cannot remain out of the news, with the media covering the alleged discrimination against Sephardi girls in the Zluznik and Ladaas Chacham seminaries, in this case girl’s high schools. There are currently over 100 girls who were not accepted to the schools mentioned, with most being Sephardi.

The Beis Yaakov Sephardi in Bnei Brak as requested from Rebitzen Gavra to open a branch in Elad. Rav Ba’adani has responded and he prohibits such a move, insistent there be only one Sephardi girl’s seminary in Elad. Also opposed to the establishment of a branch of the Sephardi Beis Yaakov in the city is Elad’s mora d’asra, Rabbi Mordechai Malka Shlita.

Rebitzen Gavra announced that she has the backing of Rabbi Ba’adani for the opening of a branch of the Beis Yaakov in the city. In response to her remarks, Rabbi Malka, Elad Mayor Yisrael Porush and Deputy Mayor Tzuriel Krisfel visited the home of Rabbi Ba’adani to explain the problems associated with opening a branch of the Beis Yaakov in Elad.

Following the meeting Rabbi Ba’adani released a clarification. “I hear that I supposedly endorsed opening another high school in Elad. The truth is I said that if most of the rabbonim in Elad will decide to open a school, then I will advise them”.

The rav’s clarification concludes “It is not advisable to open a high school that is not certified by the Education Ministry for doing so will only cause damage to the girls”.

(YWN – Israel Desk, Jerusalem)

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