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BREAKING: Frum Man Critical After Viciously Attacked On Montreal Street

IMG-20150820-WA0083A 30-year-old Frum man is in critical condition and on a respirator, after he was viciously attacked in Montreal on Thursday night.

Sources tell YWN that the man was attacked outside a bank located at Van Horne at the corner of Mceachran (Outremont area – highly populated Jewish neighborhood). The attack happened just after 7:00PM local time.

Police are investigating the incident and following all leads. They are not ruling out the possibility that this may have been a hate crime. There are no arrests. Details about the attacker have not yet been released by police.

The man was rushed to a hospital with a spinal fracture and bleeding in his brain.

Please be Mispallel for Shlomo Zalman ben Sheva.

(Chaim Shapiro – YWN)

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  1. THIS is very scary.I was in that bank at 4 pm today.
    Montreal got 200,000. muslims.During the Gaza war last year
    several jews got beaten up.The police did nothing about it.
    On may 8 ,this year Friday night around 11 pm a car tried to run over
    on the sidewalk 3 Beth Jacob girls across the street from my house,Luckily the girls were able to jump behind a parked car.One of the girls was in a shock for 5 days.I witnessed the incident from my balcony,It was reported to the police,they did nothing about it,That Shabbos 2 other anti
    semitic incident took place.
    I walk around with 2 weapons in my pocket .and always watch
    the people around me,ready to strike them if they try attack me.

  2. #2
    Are you such a complete racist that you immediately blame Muslims for anything bad that happens?
    Nowhere in the article does the word Muslim appear. Maybe it was a fellow Jew with a personal grudge.

  3. Very sweet man from a very sweet family!! He needs our tfilois plz put him in your tfilois so he has a speedy recovery daven for shlomo zalman ben sheva

  4. #3

    It’s election time.

    Speak to all the main parties:

    Bloc Quebecois

    But show them you stand for more than just your own flesh and blood.

    Tell them you oppose the Court’s Decision and the Province’s position on Doctor Assisted Suicide!

  5. Until we Jews learn to fight back
    And stop the turn your cheek non sense this will continue
    Every yeshiva should be giving self defense courses

  6. People please pray for a full recovery and leave ur personal conclusions to ur self before the ful story is out….. so far nobody knows the motives and if it was a hate crime or not even it was a hate crime it doesn’t need to be a Muslims or Arab they r not the only ppl that don’t like us around here. So please calm down and wait for the investigation and keep praying

  7. Kahana was right every jew has to do hishtadlus and learn self defense if a antisemite gets beaten trying to attack a yid he wont try again

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