Hillary Clinton’s Email Show She Was Quite Concerned About ‘Gefilte Fish’


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GFThe following is via OnlySimchas.com:

It was in an email released by the State Department on Monday night from Hillary Clinton.

Hillary Clinton’s subject was labelled “Gefilte Fish” and she wanted to know “where we are on this.”

Gefilte Fish. Yes, Gefilte fish.

What could possibly have been written about Gefilte fish? Was it A&B? Was it Ossies?

What did Hillary know about the Gefilte fish, and when did she know about it?

More importantly, was Hillary lying about the Gefilte fish? Is she suppressing the gefilte fish??

The email was written to Richard Rahul Verma the Assistant Secretary of State for Legislative Affairs at the U.S. Department of State. It was also written to Jake Sullivan her deputy Chief of Staff.

So here what is going on, all this can be found in Michael Owen’s memoir.



  1. It had to do with a shipment of carp going to Israel. Come on, everyone, you can be against a political figure (and trust me, I’m not in her camp), but let’s try to stay mature and intelligent, as well. I believe there’s an article on JPost – google it, I don’t know if I’m allowed to post links here. And I know of places (in Canada) that have had frozen gefilte fish shipments banned – why is beyond me, but it isn’t anti-semitism, and there are actually things that we don’t know about that go on in government office and procedures. That said, at first glance, yes it is a rather strange and funny email. 🙂