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Bush: ‘I Laughed’ at Trump’s Criticism of Speaking Spanish

jebRepublican presidential candidate Jeb Bush says his first reaction was to laugh at rival Donald Trump’s criticism of him for speaking Spanish.

Bush told ABC’s “Good Morning America” Thursday, “I laughed. I mean this is a joke.”

Bush said he had been responding to a reporter’s question in Spanish this week when he replied in Spanish to criticize Trump. Trump told Breitbart News that Bush should “set the example” by speaking English while in the U.S.

Bush called Trump’s comments bizarre, adding that Trump is appealing to people’s angst and fears rather than their higher hopes.

The former Florida governor said that Trump is trying to “insult his way to the presidency.”

He added that Trump doesn’t believe in the country’s set of shared values like diversity and tolerance.


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  1. Diversity and tolerance are definitely our country’s Hallmarks and what USA is famous for.
    Unfortunately though, these have been taken to the extreme to such a point that the USA has lost all self respect and sense.Yes, we are supposed to accommodate foreign citizens,but not to the point of having them totally take over.
    Offering prompts for Spanish speaking people may be acceptable, but not when you have to enter #2 for English.
    Being,”the land of the free and home of the brave”, means we should allow foreigners, but their entry & stay, should be regulated, monitored, and controlled.

  2. The founding fathers were multilingual, and as late as the mid-20th century reading knowledge of a foreign language was required for entry into college. But since World War II many Americans, Trump included, take pride in being monolingual even if it seriously disadvantages us in an era of globalization.

    Trumps comments will seriously annoy those of non-British descent (which is most of the country) as well as a threat to redefine citizenship based on ancestry (since most Americans can’t trace their ancestry back to 1776).

  3. Sorry, if anyone feels I’m abusing the privilege of commenting, but I think this is a very important issue.
    While we should admit foreigners, we should NOT admit those who may be compromising our citizens’ safety. During the 1930’s and 40’s when admitting Jews, meant saving innocents from the gas chambers, very strict quotas were enforced.
    In contrast, today we are welcoming and providing all kinds of aid and rights to those who are terrorists and murderers.

  4. I do believe English should be made the official language, which means immigrants would be required to learn the language to a fair extent in order to obtain any kind of documents.
    Second, on the radio we’ve become accustomed to hearing Mayor Bloomberg and now deBlasio make important announcements in Spanish after the main speech in English. Both of them sound like idiots. Worse than American tourists in Israel breaking their teeth on Hebrew.
    Make English our official language!

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