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President Rivlin’s Visit to the Vatican and Rome

20150903071531President of Israel Reuven Rivlin on Wednesday evening 18 Elul departed on his first official visit to Rome and the Vatican at the invitation Pope Francis.

On his departure the President said, “I leave now to meet with a leader who is a true friend of the State of Israel, and of the Jewish people. Pope Francis is an inspirational leader who believes in dialogue between different faiths and whose activities and statements are aimed at the promotion of this dialogue. He is an emissary of reconciliation and compassion in his endeavors for the sake of humanity, and I am greatly looking forward to our upcoming meeting. I am in no doubt that this meeting – just as my meeting with the Italian President – will be fruitful and productive, and will be an important step toward furthering the successful cooperation between us, and strengthening the solid relationship between our two countries.”

The President was received at an official welcoming ceremony on Thursday morning at the Vatican, after which he will hold a private meeting with the Pope.

The two will speak about the need for dialogue between the peoples of the Middle East, and between all those of different faiths. The President will express to the Pope the importance that the State of Israel places on the preservation of freedom of religion for the different faiths in Israel, and will update the Pope on his visit to the Christian sites in the Jordan Valley last week, which were the subject of an initiative by the Israeli security forces, together with the Nature Reserves Authority, aimed at developing and preserving the area around the traditional baptism site, to enable greater access for pilgrims and visitors.

Later on Thursday, the President will meet with the Prime Minister of the Vatican, and the President of Italy, before going on to address a special meeting with members of the Jewish community in the Great Synagogue in Rome’s Old Jewish Quarter, with the attendance of over 700 members of the community and guests.

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(YWN – Israel Desk, Jerusalem)

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  1. What a Chillul Hashem!!! The Pope is wearing a yarmulke and the Apologist ISN’T?! And this oes vorf is the President of the Jewish Nation?!

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