MKs Unite Against Efforts to Amend Draft Law in Favor of Chareidim


idffAs chareidi MKs continue efforts to remove the criminal sanction component from the draft law, a number of MKs are joining forces to stop this from occurring, enlisting support for their effort among MKs of a number of parties.

On Wednesday morning 15 Cheshvan MK (Yesh Atid) Yaakov Peri, who was instrumental in passing the new draft law joined forces with Shachar Ilan of the Share the Burden organization to thwart the efforts of chareidi lawmakers. After the two met along with a number of others, they decided they must renew their activities under the ‘sharing the burden’ battle cry.

Those taking part in the effort announce “this is a state of emergency” and as such, they must join forces rather than sitting by the sideline and watching chareidim undo their legislative success from the last Knesset.

(YWN – Israel Desk, Jerusalem)


  1. shame on them!the law has to be changed-yeshiva bachars don’t belong in the army.When are Israeli arabs going to be required to serve and share the burden?for that matter how about diaspora jews being required to share the burden?Why not-because the idea isn’t really to serve but to try to get the charedim away from yiddishkeit!

  2. #2

    You’re right

    But do you really want Israeli arabs going to be required to serve and share the burden?

    Be careful what you wish for