Eli Yishai Responds to the Worrisome Report on Poverty Among Chareidi Children


yishYachad party leader Eli Yishai on Thursday, 28 Kislev, responded to the annual Bituach Leumi Poverty Report addressing 2014; stating most chareidi children live below the poverty level.

Yishai feels the government should be compelled to launch a probe to determine the cause of the sharp increase in poverty in 2014 towards preventing a continuation of the alarming trend. Yishai told the media that he saw some of the numbers included in the report and he was alarmed to learn more children are hungry and starving and the situation in Israel has worsened instead of improving.

He spoke of his ongoing battle for maintaining the monthly child allowance payments when he was serving as a cabinet minister, as well as other legislation that was directed at the lower income families that are having an increasingly difficult time making ends meet.

He questions how much of the profits from Israel’s new natural gas program will be used to subsidize medications, assist the sick, the poor and the elderly towards improving the situation for so many.

(YWN – Israel Desk, Jerusalem)


  1. I salute Reb Eli Yishai’s response to the poverty report. I also salute Reb Eli Yishai as a wonderful individual and an experienced politician who served the chareidi tzibbur with honor and distinction. Personally, I hope a way is found to bring him back to the knesset and to govt. responsibilities. BUT, he is not the “leader of the Yachad party.” Simply because there is no Yachad party. Eli Yishai headed a list that ran in the elections earlier this year, that unfortunately, did not cross the threshold to make it into the knesset. There may be a legal entity called “Yachad” that is in fact seriously in debt, but it is not a party. Any more than the Whigs, the Federalists, or the American Workers Party are “parties.” Showing a photo of Reb Eli in standing in front of a “Yachad” poster during the election campaign 8 or 9 months ago is somewhat disingenuous. I think a responsible website such as YWN should strive for as much accuracy as possible in reporting.