Photo Essay: Chanukah Celebration In JFK Airport By Chabad (Photos By Baruch Ezagui)


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  1. I can’t say if this is significant or not, but it seems that all the other groups have photos of their roshei yeshiva, admorim, rabbonim, mashgichim, etc. lighting Chanukah at their home, their yeshiva, or their beis medrash. Chanukah photos of Chabad, however, seem to always be of lighting in malls, parks, airports, etc.

  2. @Annonymouschochom
    This is absurd. Why not discuss if donuts are halachically oily enough? Why not analyze if the elaborate parties qualify as halachically connected with chanuka?
    When it comes to adding sushi to the table or buying questionable chanukah presents, nobody asks questions.
    And now you’re sitting to analyze if spreading light is halachically acceptable?!?!?
    lubavitch may not be your cup of tea, but their decisions and actions are made by their finest daas torah. The first words out of your mouth cannot be “Thats not allowed.” May a little bit of ahavas yisroel bring the geluah Iy’h