Chareidi Woman Pot Farmer Arrested in Beit Shemesh



A chareidi resident of Beit Shemesh appeared in a local police station during the night of 18 Teves (Tuesday to Wednesday) explaining he is locked out of his home by his wife, who will not permit him to enter because he knows she uses pot. He explained he is fearful for their children due to his wife’s actions.

When police arrived at the apartment, the wife refused to permit them to enter and police were compelled to call the fire department to open the door. Police report to the media the apartment was neglected, dirty and simply a mess. It is added the family has three children ages 9-to-14.

One of the rooms near the children’s room police found a marijuana farm including plants, lighting, irrigation and all that was needed to promote the growth of the 33 plants that ranged in size. Social services were called in and they have taken custody of the children.

The women, 40, has been arrested. She was remanded on Thursday. The father gave police his statement.

Beit Shemesh Chief Shlomi Toledano added “This is an important arrest, leading to a drug lab, in addition to the fact her small children were exposed to this. Growing the drugs in a home with small children while the home is dirty and neglected is most serious. The police arrived at the apartment to rescue the children”.


(YWN – Israel Desk, Jerusalem / Photos: Police Spokesman)


  1. Why is the government telling this lady how to run her business?! Everyone needs to make a parnassah…..

    To 2., of course I don’t know the details but I imagine that she lives in a chareidi neighborhood, wears chareidi-style clothing, sends her children to chareidi school, makes chareidi-style foods, etc, etc, etc. I think that these sorts of things would be basis to label someone as chareidi even if they speak lashon harah, cross against a light, or grow pot at home. Ditto for any other label.

  2. Can this site provide the reading public it’s criteria on how it categorizes individuals as Chareidi? And then how they analyze if an individual meets that criteria. And then what labeling standards are used when one is not Chareidi. Thank you.

  3. Meanwhile, back in N.Y., medical marijuana now has a hechsher! That’s right! In Wednesday’s news. Talk about chareidi…so why wasn’t that story posted on this site?

  4. The only thing I find in this story is that a man was MOSER his wife, gave over his children to haters of Torah and is some how connected to marijuana. Aside from that, we know nothing. A MOSER has no HELEK BEOLAM HABA. Furthermore, under certain conditions, he is even CHIYUV MISSAH. It is not a joke what happened.

  5. 1. She was running a chesed helping prevent cataracts.
    2. What do you call a family that grows pot in their back yards?
    A Joint Family
    3. Are her kids HIGH risk.?
    Jokes aside. SO WHAT.