PHOTO: Egged Continues to Publish Notices of Aveilus in Chareidi Newspapers


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egOn Thursday, 9 Adar I, five days after the fatal Egged 402 bus crash on the Jerusalem-Tel Aviv Highway that claimed six lives R”L, Egged continues to publish mourning notices in chareidi newspapers. This notice appeared in the Thursday addition of HaMevaser.

The driver of the bus, Chaim Biton, has been released from jail and under a 21-day house arrest order handed down by the Jerusalem Traffic Court. In all likelihood, he will face criminal charges for the accident, which appears to be the result of negligence on his part.

It is difficult to know if such notices bring any comfort to the mourners and their families. Some say they are indifferent to such acts, especially during this difficult period while others quote family members who suffered the loss that it is “too little too late”.

(YWN – Israel Desk, Jerusalem)


  1. You sort of missed the point. This was published today to fix their mistake with the last one in which they omitted the names of the victims and merely wrote “the six passengers of the 402 bus”. It caused a huge uproar, including from chavrei knesset who pointed out that Chareidim also have feelings and deserve to have their loved ones names written in the announcement, and the fact that their names were omitted was completely insensitive. (Of course the family members themselves do not see any significance in these announcements, but it did appear pretty callous).

  2. Under 21 day house arrest???? He was just released from jail for malicious driving. How in the world was he handed the public wheel again??? And his first journey repeated his malicious acts of barbarism. He needs to locked in jail with key thrown away