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Massive Explosion Injures 9 Firefighters, Levels Several Buildings In Seattle [VIDEO]

01Nine firefighters were injured early Wednesday when a massive explosion blasted through a Seattle neighborhood, destroying buildings and littering the area with debris, the Seattle Post-Intelligencer reported.

A battalion chief and eight firefighters from the Seattle Fire Department were hurt in the incident, which occurred after crews responded to a report of a natural gas leak, according to the P-I.

The outlet reported that none of the injuries were considered to be severe.

A photographer from a Fox affliate was in the area when the explosion occurred, the station wrote on its website.

“He described the aftermath of the explosion as a war zone and said glass was raining down,” Q13 Fox said in its story. “Fortunately, our photographer is OK.”

The fire department said there were 67 firefighters, medics and commanders at the scene, and NBC News reported that “at least 17 fire vehicles” were there following the explosion.

“It shook the house,” Josh Koolbaugh, who lives in the Greenwood neighborhood, told NBC News. “It sounded like an extremely loud boom.”

Koolbaugh told NBC that he walked to the scene after the explosion.

“I saw three buildings that were all leveled,” he said. “There’s nothing but rubble and bricks and there was a fire in the middle of the rubble. . . . It’s like something out of a movie.”

Another resident of the neighborhood, Emily Pfeifer, told NBC that she “heard a low boom and was rocked from a dead sleep, like a single gentle shove.”

“The rocking was accompanied by the sound of things shaking briefly in my room,” she said, adding: “I thought a car must have hit my building.”

(c) 2016, The Washington Post · Sarah Larimer

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