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A Most Unique Mobile Cellular Mount – On the Steering Wheel

20160324020205Police stopped a motorist who they detected playing with wires while operating his vehicle on the Jerusalem-Tel Aviv Highway near Ben-Gurion airport. When they got out to examine the situation, they were somewhat surprised to see his smartphone holder in the vehicle was attached directly to the steering wheel.

When they explained to him that the phone mount is illegal, he told them when he bought it he was assured it was quite legal.

The driver, a 25-year-old Lod resident told police he would break the device, which he did outside on the side of the road, using a large rock. He was issued a summons for the crack in his windshield and permitted to continue on his way.

(YWN – Israel Desk, Jerusalem / Photo: Media Resource Group)

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  1. what kind of a defense is it to say that the seller of the smartphone holder assured him that it was quite legal? what did he expect the seller to tell him? that the holder is illegal, but he’s selling it to him anyway? duh! how can anyone drive safely with the smartphone literally blocking his view of the road? anyone who buys one of these holders has to have a few screws loose!

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