MK Gafne Fires Back at Attorney General Mandelblit


gafDegel Hatorah MK Moshe Gafne fired back angrily at comments made before an Israel Bar Association gathering by Attorney General Dr. Avichai Mandelblit. Mandelblit explained the bill initiated by Gafne to prohibit converts toiveling in all state-run mikvaos in Israel is legally problematic. Mandelblit feels the bill violates basic freedom of worship as well as Israel’s Basic Law guaranteeing human dignity. He explained that from a legal standpoint, the bill is most problematic in the best of cases.

Gafne stated “contrary to the Western world, the Attorney General has decided he is a legal advisor who advises and not a decision-maker – the mikve bill is not legal. He did not even see the wording, which I sent him this morning (Monday, 25 Adar-II) but he has already decided unanimously that it is illegal”.

Gafne added, “The time has come to be a modern Western nation in which the state is the regulator. The Attorney General is not in charge. With all due respect, many of the Supreme Court Justices in the USA are chosen by the people.

In Gafne’s reference to Israel’s High Court, he added “Nine non-religious justices voted in favor of the Reform. The lone religious justice voted against. The traditional justice abstained. Can someone explain to me where the professionalism is as each votes his own personal hashkafa. I do not have a single High Court justice who represents my hashkafa”.

(YWN – Israel Desk, Jerusalem)


  1. Any court whose rulings are tied to the hashkafa of its judges, particularly when the populace is sharply divided by hashkafa, is blinded to the meaning of justice.
    This case is complicated by the fact that public funds were used for a facility not available to the whole public. The same applies to many other things: old age homes, universities, mental health – these are only for those who qualify but everyone pays.

  2. This Lipa wearing AG is worse than a non wearing kipa AG. His Kipa only adds to the chilul Hashem he makes by pushing his progressive idealism over halacha and over Hashem’s Torah.

    Everyone knows that reform Jews does NOT follow Jewish halacha/law, they make up their own laws, and sometimes base it on something from the Torah, to kasher the vort.

    Bibi did not pick this AG for nothing, he is a Torah jew hater!!!

  3. Gafne if you were serious youd leave the coalition and the government would collapse and this would all stop, but this what happens when you take Zionist money.