Brussels Airlines Gives In To Palestinian Pressure And Stops Serving Israeli Halva


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1Brussels Airlines has given in to pro-Palestinian pressure which was seeking to persuade the airline to stop serving Achva brand halva bars, which are manufactured in a plant in Barkan, an industrial center in the Shomron near Ariel.

A Palestinian solidarity organization began pressuring the airline, explaining the halva company operates in “occupied Palestinian territory” and as such, it should not support it be offering its passengers the Achva halva bars as it does.

An airline official explains the halva is “controversial” so the decision was made to stop offering it. Using twitter to get another message out, Brussels Airlines said “we’re an airline catering to a large international audience. It’s our responsibility to offer products that please all”.

(YWN – Israel Desk, Jerusalem)


  1. Those high-intellect PA guys are at it again…and this one ought to have quite an impact! I can see it now: Lieberman pummeling and pleading on the public media for Netanyahu to capitulate and hand over East J’lem, Chevron, hey – throw in Chsifa and the whole Shomron! They are not serving halva on the Belgian planes! It’ll snowball: the next thing is heightened security out of Brussels with mass confiscation of any attempted smuggled halva onto their flights. Or is this an ONION article? I don’t know, but I just got the munchies for some marble halva. See you guys later….

  2. Lets buy a lot of these Halva Bars before we travel with this airline, and offer it to all their staff and to other travelers. Let them Platz.