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PHOTOS: Female Soldiers Directed Into PA Village In Tulkarem District By Waze



Two female IDF soldiers using Waze to navigate found themselves in a PA (Palestinian Authority) village in the Tulkarem district under attack with rocks. The soldiers were extricated by PA security forces.

The two were driving a military vehicle on Monday, 9 Elul, leaving a Jordan Valley base heading to a paratroop command location where they serve. They explained to investigators they were relying on the Waze app to direct them to their destination and before they realized what had occurred, they were in a PA autonomous area.

After realizing their error, the soldier called police and they were instructed to continue driving towards Israeli territory. A PA policeman in civilian clothing saw the IDF vehicle and told the soldier to turn to a different direction but they ignored his instructions. As they continued driving they came under attack. The plainclothes policeman summoned assistance and the soldiers were extricated unharmed.

IDF personnel are instructed not to rely on Waze for navigation as this is not the first occurrence of a driver being directed into a PA area.

YWN-ISRAEL adds there is a setting “avoid PA areas” in the app when downloaded in Israel.

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(YWN – Israel Desk, Jerusalem/Photos via Media Resource Group)

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