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B’chasdei Hashem – Miracles Seen In N’vei Tzuf Fire

1Mrs. Miri Maoz Ovadia, a spokesperson for N’vei Tzuf (Chalamish) spoke with the media on Sunday morning, 26 Cheshvan. She describes the miracles that took place despite the enormous destruction resulting from the fire in their Shomron community on Friday night. Over a dozen homes were totally destroyed, homes in the veteran area of the community, some made of wood. A total 45 homes were damaged by fire in the community of about 350 families. The wooden homes were the first to catch fire and they were soon thereafter engulfed in flames.

Ovadia explained it would have been very difficult to get the people out but they were away on vacation this particular Shabbos.

It is added the siren sounded at about 11:00PM on a Friday night so many people were in bed yet B’chasdei Hashem there was no loss of life or injuries among residents or firefighters.

(YWN – Israel Desk, Jerusalem)

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  1. for a real miracle, the fire wouldn’t have kindled, or would have gone out, or wouldn’t have spread.

    this defines miracle down

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