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ALERT – Reports of ‘Ready-To-Use’ Oil Cups For Menorah Melting

03The attached images were posted to Facebook by someone stating the following:

Please be super careful when using Ner Mitzvah Oil Cup Sets!!! We could of had a major Chanukah tragedy on our hands!!

The woman stated that she tried reaching the company, but it appeared that they were closed on Sunday.

It is interesting to note, that the packaging states “plastic oil cup set”.

(YWN World Headquarters – NYC)


20 Responses

  1. It is obvious that the intent behind this alert is to protect the public, but it might actually cause the company much harm for no good reason. I experienced a cup or two melting over the years but they didn’t catch fire. If (and I mean if) the plastic does not catch fire it isn’t anything to be concerned about. Just make sure that the wicks are properly centered. If the plastic can catch fire it is probably correct to alert the public.

  2. I used this product many times.
    99.9% i was happy had twice were the flame was big and it melted. Basically use common sense. This is NOT steel or Copper.

  3. All oil cups are “ready to use”. The term seems to imply that they were pre filled but the package clearly shows that they were not.

  4. I spoke with the owner of the company. He told me that over the years he’s sold millions of these cops. His opinion is that the victim used an unusual method to incinerate the cups. Used as intended, he’s never had any complaints.

  5. Is The Company taking responsibility if anything happens. …….
    Who is their Quality Control OR is it Again “not our fault”
    Like Olive oil candles and Glasses that crack because of the heat…..

  6. Does YWN consult a rav before posting these sort of articles? Because there is damage to the frum company’s reputation, I just hope YWN is being responsible.

  7. I’ve been using these oil cups for a couple of years. I never had any issue with any cups melting. I don’t put menoras too close together, nor do I have the smallest menorah which puts two cups in close proximity.

  8. I’ve never understood how they can make plastic oil cups. I have had them melt. Last year shavuos I had a plastic 48 hour candle that melted. How can this be safe?? Of course they put on a little note, “Fire must not be left unattended…”

    (Btw, chochofish, Howzit bru? keeping lekker, hey?)

  9. Update!!
    The victim used her own wicks and disregarded the warnings to only use the wicks that are included with the cups. It’s sold as a set.
    There are warnings written on the package to this effect.

  10. To No.9

    When there is an issue of sakanas nefesh, however small, we should call the consumer product safety commission and fire marshall/first responders. We worry first about fire safety not some firm’s reputation. Too many stories over the years on these very pages about R’L, children and familes dying in fires that started from a poorly designed Shabbos blech, Shabbos or Chanukah lecht unattended or illegal matzoh bakeries. Even if the intent was hidur mitzvah, the primary mitvah that trumps all others is “u’shmartem es nafshosechem”.

  11. I will say that I too was disappointed when several years ago one or two of mine melted. That being said; it was due to my ASSUMPTION that the cups were the same as the very similar looking cups I had bought in Israel the previous year. At the end of the day- the container clearly says they are plastic, and plastic melts. I do think Ner Mitzvah should possibly make it more obvious and place a more ominous warning on it’s packaging. It is about safety after all.

  12. This happened to one of my lights tonight. I don’t have Ner Mitzvah, mine are a different brand. In the center of each oil jar is a narrow tube of metal with a wick inside. On one of the jars the wick was down inside the metal tube instead of poking up over the edge. I couldn’t get the wick to light where it was, so I removed the metal tube and lit the wick without it. What I discovered is that the tube makes sure that only the top of the wick lights and the flame is small. When there’s just the wick, more of the length of it is burning and the flame is bigger and less controlled. That’s what causes the cup to melt.
    I realize that by removing the metal tube I was altering the product—but I did it because due to poor quality control the product would not function as sold, and I didn’t want to buy a whole other set of them to have enough for all the nights. It seems chutzpadik to me that the sellers would immediately assume it was the customer’s fault without making any effort to find out what happened.

  13. to #14
    You are so correct. even sefek secanna nefashos you are mechalel shabbos, and here there seems to be a clear danger so it is only correct to warn the consumer.

  14. @yitzchokm who “spoke to the owner of the company”, I took the liberty of taking pictures of the instructions which are written on the box of the Plastic Oil Cups it says, and I quote “Wicks and Holders Included. Use these oil cups only with the wick holders included. Only use Olive Oil”. Nowhere does it say that a different type of wick can be used. In addition, your “friend the owner of the company” should be knowledgable enough to know that some people have the custom to use cotton wicks, which the company sells as well. If their own products are so incompatible, to the point that it causes such a drastic reaction that potentially could burn down a house, cost lives, etc, I would think that would we be responsible enough to print that warning on the package as well? An ounce of prevention…

  15. montreal79
    When do you use a product not as intended, you can’t expect to preform as intended. It’s common sense.
    Try putting diesel in your car. See what happens.
    The fact that the company also sells other products is irrelevant. Use your common sense next time, and avoid tragedy.
    I don’t work for the company, these comments are my own. When a hot plate that used as intended burns the house down, that’s a tragedy. When a product that actually goes on fire-a product that’s inherently dangerous-is used the wrong way, it’s not tragic. It’s moronic.
    If your Custom calls for cotton, invest in a proper set.

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