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PM’s Former Chief Of Staff Harow Likely To Face Criminal Charges

1The daily Haaretz quotes sources involved in the almost-completed police investigation into Avi Harow, a former chief of staff for Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu. The report states Harow is likely to face a criminal indictment for fraud and breach of trust for the fictitious sale of a PR company.

Upon completion of the investigation, police will submit the case to the attorney general with recommendations. Harow will then be granted a hearing, a last chance to persuade authorities of his innocence. Only then will an indictment be filed, if at all.

Harow was appointed as the PM’s chief of staff in February 2009 and resigned in March 2010. The case against him began in December 2015. The sale of the company reportedly took place prior to his appointment to the high-level post in the Prime Minister’s Office, but evidence that was uncovered subsequently placed the sale in doubt, leading police to believe it was actually a fictitious sale and that Harow continued running 3H Global while serving as the chief of staff for the prime minister.

(YWN – Israel Desk, Jerusalem)

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