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Fourth Arrest In Ongoing Investigation Into Shas Councilman’s Resignation From Jerusalem Council

arrestPolice on Monday 18 Teves arrested a fourth suspect in the ongoing case involving the sudden resignation of a Shas councilman from Jerusalem City Hall a number of months ago. Three other suspects were arrested earlier in the day, all reportedly in their 30s.

The councilman, who is affiliated with Shas, filed a complaint, explaining he was the target of extortion. An investigation was launched, leading to the four arrests including one person who is a powerful known figure in Shas.

It is reported that the sudden resignation was compelled by a potentially embarrassing recording that was presented to the victim by the suspects. He was allegedly recorded admitting to immoral behavior with women and being mechalel Shabbos R”L.

(YWN – Israel Desk, Jerusalem)

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  1. Akuperma I responded to you on the article of 8 richest men but Ill respond again here since it is already old.

    You obviously didnt understand my comment. All you did was repeat you stance with more words. Its very charecteristic of a baal gaavah to repeat his stance when he doesnt understand the response to it.

    All wealth is and always was in the hands of the Boreh Olam. There is nothing to be jealous of. I really dont care how much some stranger has and how much his great great grandfather had. We know that it doesnt matter how smart or skilled someone is. I understand that you stated the american dream but our dream is to become closer to Hashem, to become talmidei chachamim,bias hamashiach,olam habaah….
    Stop being fooled to think that american values are somehow our values. We can appreciate the comfort of living here and the fact that untill now the goyim have allowed us to keep the Torah but it doesnt make their values our values.
    I advise you to read the hakdamah to the mesilas yesharim.

  2. It seems like akuperma works for ywn. When I comment his comment immediately gets approved but when I completely refute what he says it takes a whole day to approve mine. And I give reasons that are very pure torah reasons. Sorry but the emes doesnt depend on your pr media games.

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