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MK Muallem Seeks to Comfort an Evictee as Police Look On

6[VIDEO IN EXTENDED ARTICLE] The headline should read ‘we’ve been here before’ as once again, government forces have been ordered to remove Jews from their homes in Eretz Yisrael, this time acting upon orders issued by the High Court of Justice.

The scene in this video catapults us back to the 2005 expulsion from Gush Katif, which was ordered by then PM Ariel Sharon. For Amona, this is the second expulsion in 20 years, with the last occurring in 2006. That was during the tenure of former PM Ehud Olmert, accompanied by unprecedented police violence against unarmed civilians.

Today, it is evident that police are doing whatever possible to avoid a repeat of that event. They are not wearing helmets or carrying batons – sending a different message. However, as they advance into the heart of the community, there is an increase in rock-throwing against them from youths who came to join the resistance and clearly, at some point, police will response.

At present a number of policemen have been injured from the fires set to block their path, with some complaining of a “burning sensation” in their eyes. One policeman was injured earlier by rocks. Close to 20 persons have been arrested. One border policeman was arrested for refusing to continue taking part in the eviction.

(YWN – Israel Desk, Jerusalem)

(YWN – Israel Desk, Jerusalem)

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  1. Words are inappropriate! There are none!
    It’s totally senseless.
    They did this to a Shul in Pisgat Ze’ev or Givat Ze’ev a year ago! Homes that were beautifully built….
    No words!
    I once heard a Gadol describe Gush Katif likened to the Spanish Expulsion. But this is at the hands of Yidden in Eretz Yisrael.

  2. #2 Senseless? More like evil! Cruel! A so-called Jewish government run by radical self-appointed-for-life judges have no problem with thousands of Arabs living in illegal homes but, like the Spanish Expulsion, expel their own Jews. SICK! HEARTLESS!

    According to our Gedolim, the last galus before Moshiach is the galus under Jews, i.e. under secular Zionists. May their rule end very soon.

  3. People are wearing winter coats in amona today
    It’s 41 degrees Fahrenheit in Jerusalem now.
    I didn’t know it’s gets so cold in Israel during the winter.

  4. Can we stop with the ridiculous comparisons to Gush Katif already? Gush Katif was an expulsion initiated by the government against legal residents for political reasons. Amona is an eviction, not an expulsion, in accordance with a settlement agreement with the residents, who were found by the courts to be residing there illegally. Not only did the government not initiate it, in the case of Amona the government is assisting the residents despite the fact that were found by the courts to be living on land that they did not have legal right to. In the case of Amona the government is actually acting as the savior of the residents. And, again, the residents agreed to the eviction. Any comparison to Gush Katif is nonsensical.

  5. It seems that some readers have forgotten a very basic but crucial piece of information.

    The following is a quote from the very first Rashi on the Torah, and hopefully this won’t interfere too much with anyone’s comfort zone, or ‘Feel good’ understanding of what he may or may not think of Settlers or Settlements in Artzenu Hakdosha.

    ומה טעם פתח בבראשית… שאם יאמרו אומות העולם ליסטים אתם, שכבשתם ארצות שבעה גוים, הם אומרים להם כל הארץ של הקב”ה היא, הוא בראה ונתנה לאשר ישר בעיניו.

    The Holy Land belongs to us not because of a UN resolution or any political or court decision for that matter, Hashem gave US Eretz Yisrael. Every inch of it. Either we believe that, or we believe in nothing. If we believe it, than an Arab coming along claiming a plot of Jewish settled land is his, has less relevance than a homeless drunk claiming that he owns the State of New York.
    There is no concept of an “Illegal Jewish community” in Eretz Yisrael, or like one of the comments so mistakenly said “living on land that they did not have legal right to”.

    So for the apathetic readers or ‘comment repliers’ that don’t beat an eyelash or miss a heartbeat when beautiful Holy settlers who give up all they have to live in the Land that Hashem chose for US, and just continue scrolling down looking for a nice deal on shoes, I beg of you, “Brother, get off your plush recliner, put down that burger, take out a Chumash, open the first Rashi and maybe even for a half second try to think about the pain your Holy brothers and Sisters, Settlers of Hashem’s land – are going through at this moment.

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