Vaccines and Halacha


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vaccine2By Rabbi Yair Hoffman for the Five Towns Jewish Times’

Leading medical experts in the United States claim that anti-vaccine advocates are putting the nation at risk. Who are these anti-vaccine advocates? From where did they originate and what do they want? And what does halachah have to say about the issue?

There is a biblical mitzvah of taking safety precautions, as the verse states, “V’nishmartem me’od l’nafshoseichem” (Devarim 4:15). Should the view of the anti-vaxxers set aside this Torah mitzvah? Are there other possible mitzvos involved here as well? And, finally, are vaccinations obligatory?

The Center for Disease Control in Atlanta, Georgia reports that last year there were 79 cases of measles in teh United States. They further state that 1] The majority of people who got measles were unvaccinated. 2] Measles is still common in many parts of the world including some countries in Europe, Asia, the Pacific, and Africa. 3] Travelers with measles continue to bring the disease into the U.S.
and 4] Measles can spread when it reaches a community in the U.S. where groups of people are unvaccinated.

There are approximately 20 million cases of measles worldwide each year. In 2013, close to 150,000 people worldwide died of measles. According to Time magazine, one in ten Americans believe that the vaccine for measles, mumps, and rubella (MMR) is not safe for healthy children. This is terribly sad, because measles was eliminated from the United States in the year 2000; the outbreaks come from abroad. The virus is highly contagious and can remain in the air many hours after an infected person has left the room.

It’s also not a harmless, risk-free disease. Aside from the risks of pneumonia and encephalitis and possible fatal consequences, measles can cause deafness and can be extremely painful, too. Pregnant women who contract the disease are more likely to miscarry, and cancer patients with weakened immune systems are placed at grave risk.

Many anti-vaxxers have not vaccinated their children, and some have actually fudged the documentation about it to allow their children into schools and camps that would otherwise not accept them. Senator John McCain has been among the anti-vaxxers, and it has even been reported that there is a leading gadol b’Yisrael among them.

Anti-vaxxers have not only entered Disneyland (the cause of a 2015 major outbreak); they are in our yeshivos and day schools too. Three years ago, there were outbreaks in Brooklyn and in Monsey, two vibrant Orthodox Jewish communities. The fact that these outbreaks occurred in religious Jewish communities is also cause for chillul Hashem. The following is a historical overview, followed by a halachic analysis of the topic.

How It Started

The anti-vaccination advocates have two concerns that are often intertwined. The first is the MMR vaccine itself. They believe that there is some heretofore unidentified element in it that causes autism. The second is that some vaccines contained the preservative thimerosal, which contained ethyl mercury, a type of mercury that had been suspected of causing autism. Thimerosal has actually been removed from the MMR vaccine with no accompanying drop in the incidence of autism. No matter; this has not impacted the anti-vaxxer movement.

The MMR vaccine is given twice. The first dose is administered to infants between 12 and 15 months of age and the second vaccine is given between the ages of 4 and 6.

The impetus for the growth of the anti-vaxxer movement initially came from a 1998 study published in the February 28 edition of the Lancet by Andrew Wakefield, a gastroenterologist, and 11 colleagues. The Lancet is a highly prestigious medical journal published in England. The study supposedly linked autism in children to the MMR vaccine. The Lancet article also said that autism has origins in the gastrointestinal systems of children.

Wakefield then made a tour of the United States in the fall of 1998, and in that tour he gave an interview at a “Defeat Autism Now” conference. In the interview, he conflated his own patients with those mentioned in his study. Wakefield had treated patients with diarrhea who did not have autism. He had conflated them with autistic patients that he had never seen or treated. In November 2000, Wakefield even appeared on CBS’s 60 Minutes.

The combination of the article, the tour of U.S.-based autism groups, and Wakefield’s appearance on 60 Minutes caused a storm in both the medical and parenting worlds.

Doctors questioned how a serious study could have used such a small sample size (there were 12 subjects) to make such a revolutionary claim about vaccines that have been around for a half-century. They further questioned the uncontrolled nature and design of the study.

The main criticism expressed by many, however, was the fact that there was a serious logical fallacy at play. The Latin expression of this fallacy is “post hoc ergo propter hoc,” meaning that we infer that subsequent events are caused by prior events. But this is not necessarily so; just because event Y happens after event X, it doesn’t mean that Y is caused by X. An oft-cited example of this fallacy is that the rooster crows immediately before sunrise; therefore, the rooster causes the sun to rise. Autism is not detected at birth. It is generally not officially diagnosed until shortly after the time that one normally gives the second MMR vaccine, between 4 and 6 years of age.

Parents took action by refusing to vaccinate their children and creating a distrust of the medical community’s public policies on vaccination. Within a very short time, the United States experienced a 300% increase in people who were not vaccinating their children. All this with no proof.

Further Developments

In the March 6, 2004 edition of the Lancet, 10 of the 12 Wakefield co-authors published a retraction of their interpretation of the data. The Lancet editors also admitted that Wakefield had failed to disclose something crucial: Wakefield was being funded by lawyers who were representing parents in lawsuits against the companies that produce vaccines. (They eventually lost the lawsuit, but not for lack of trying.)
This information had been revealed by British journalist Brian Deer. Deer went on to win awards for his investigations, which also prompted an ethics-violation query by the British government. Apparently, since 1996, two years before he published the study, Wakefield had been receiving funding from Mr. Richard Barr of Alexander Harris Solicitors, one of the leading law firms in Luton, Bedfordshire. Barr had been funding Wakefield through the UK Legal Aid Fund, which paid bills submitted by a company owned by Wakefield’s wife. Wakefield had received the astounding sum of $750,000 (or rather its British pound equivalent) from Barr’s efforts. Another lawyer organization was funding Wakefield as well.

Almost six years later, in February 2010, the Lancet finally retracted the original 1998 article in its entirety. This time the editors stated that Wakefield was, in fact, guilty of scientific misrepresentation. Wakefield had stated in his initial article that the sampling was consecutive, when in fact it was selective. Wakefield was cherry-picking his results, seriously skewing any true analysis of the data.

The Great Damage Done

The damage done by the Wakefield article, the 60 Minutes segment, and the hoopla generated by it all has entrenched itself into our society so that people are dubious of vaccinations. This has led to the outbreak of measles at Disneyland and can further endanger the nation. The statistic of 1 in 10 Americans is no laughing matter.

In the 17 years since the publication of Wakefield’s article, dozens of legitimate studies have been conducted that show that there is no correlation between autism and vaccinations. Thimerosal has been eliminated in this country and there is still no lowering of the incidence of autism. What has happened is that we have expanded our definition of autism and autism-like symptoms.

Benefits Of Vaccines

Historically, public policies of widespread vaccination have saved countless lives. In the late 1790s, Edward Janner noticed something remarkable about milkmaids. For some reason, they were immune to smallpox. Janner realized that anyone who was exposed to cowpox developed immunity to smallpox. In 1798, he developed and promulgated a vaccine for smallpox that saved millions of lives. The author of the Tiferes Yisrael begged and pleaded that people take the vaccine, calling Janner one of the chassidei umos ha’olam, righteous gentiles of the world.

Smallpox has killed over 300 million people. It was eradicated completely because of vaccination programs, and the last smallpox-related death was in 1978. In the early 1800s, vaccines did not have preservatives and some of them were tainted. Now the vaccines are much safer.

Mitzvos Involved

It is this author’s contention that vaccinations involve the fulfillment of a number of Torah mitzvos, aside from the basic mitzvah of v’nishmartem mentioned at the beginning of this article. We must also make sure that we not allow the greedy actions of others to adversely affect our health, the health of our children, and the fulfillment of our Torah obligations. We should also make our best efforts not to allow misinformation and fraud to affect crucial decisions in our lives.

Hashavas Aveidah. The verse in Parashas Ki Seitzei (Devarim 22:2) discusses the mitzvah of hashavas aveidah, returning a lost object, with the words, “V’hasheivoso lo,” “and you shall return it to him.” The Gemara in Sanhedrin (73a), however, includes within its understanding of these words the obligation of returning “his own life to him as well.” For example, if thieves are threatening to pounce upon him, there is an obligation of “V’hasheivoso lo.” In other words, this verse is the source for the mitzvah of saving someone’s life. It is highly probable that it is to this general mitzvah that the Shulchan Aruch refers in Shulchan Aruch Orach Chaim 325. This is certainly the case with vaccinations, because vaccinations save lives.

‘Thy Brother’s Blood.’ There is a negative mitzvah of not standing idly by your brother’s blood— “Lo sa’amod al dam rei’echa” (Vayikra 19:16). This is mentioned in Shulchan Aruch (C.M. 426:1) and in the Rambam. When people get sick and chance death because of our inaction, we are violating the commandment of “Lo sa’amod al dam rei’echa.”

‘Lo Suchal L’hisalem.’ There is yet another negative commandment associated with the positive commandment of hashavas aveidah, and that is the verse in Devarim (22:3), “You cannot shut your eyes to it.” This verse comes directly after the mitzvah of hashavas aveidah. The Netziv, Rabbi Naftali Tzvi Yehudah Berlin, in his HeEmek She’eilah, refers to this mitzvah as well.

‘V’chai Achicha Imach.’ The She’iltos (She’ilta #37), based upon the Gemara in Bava Metzia 62a, understands the words in Vayikra (25:36), “v’chai achicha imach,” “and your brother shall live with you,” to indicate an obligation to save others with you. The Netziv in his HeEmek She’eilah understands it as a full-fledged obligation according to all opinions. He writes that one must exert every effort to save his friend’s life, until it becomes a matter of pikuach nefesh for himself. The Netziv’s position would certainly advocate that vaccinations are obligatory, even if it involves a slight danger—which in modern times has been virtually eliminated.

‘V’ahavta L’rei’acha Kamocha.’ The Ramban, in Toras HaAdam Sha’ar HaSakanah (pp. 42–43), understands the verse of “And love thy neighbor as yourself” as a directive to save our peers from medical danger as well. We thus have a total of six Torah mitzvos involved in vaccinating our children.

Is It Obligatory?

It seems that in a situation where there is concern for an epidemic, poskim have ruled that vaccination is obligatory. (See Minchas Tzvi, siman 9, and Rabbi Eliezer Yehudah Waldenberg, zt’l, in Tzitz Eliezer, and Rav Yitzchok Zilberstein, shlita). How effective is the vaccine? With two shots, the efficacy rate for the MMR vaccine reaches 97%.

What about the issue that there will invariably be people with allergic and or other negative reactions to vaccinations? The language of the Shach (Y.D. 336:1) is informative. He writes that a doctor should not say, “What do I need this anguish for if I err and unintentionally kill a patient?” One could perhaps extrapolate from the words of the Shach that we should do whatever we can to ensure that the population

is protected through proper vaccination.

In Teves of 5745 (winter 1984–1985), the Steipler Gaon was asked about a case where the measles vaccine was apparently problematic. He advised them to make sure that the next batch was problem-free and instructed them to take the vaccine (Orchos Rabbeinu, p. 350).

Should one violate Shabbos for a vaccination? Rav Shlomo Zalman Auerbach, zt’l (Shulchan Shlomo 329:1, 2) has a fascinating definition for what constitutes safek pikuach nefesh, possible risk to life. He writes that if from a sociological perspective people are not rushing to get the vaccination as soon as possible, then it is not considered enough of a danger to warrant Shabbos violation. He writes that this is the case even if there is an actual danger.

What about the rabbinic views that there may be substance to the anti-vaxxer view? Carefully researching the data behind a halachic question can be daunting at times. Occasionally, though rarely, the background information behind a question may not be sufficiently researched because the gadol or posek relied upon someone else, who did not properly weigh the issue or evidence. In recent years we have seen this when gedolei Torah reversed their rulings on the proper berachah for cashews; whether bran is considered animal food; and whether people can distinguish between pasteurized and unpasteurized wine.
Leading gedolim with whom this author has consulted in recent months—Rav Chaim Kanievsky, shlita, and a leading gadol in the United States—have said that when someone has done the research and is sure that the background information behind a p’sak is faulty, there is an obligation to respectfully publicize the correct information.

It is this author’s hope that the information in this article will help serve to protect us all from illness. Amen.

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  1. It is a very important point the author is making because for some reason, a lot of people in our community have fallen victim to incorrect thinking

  2. With all due Kavod Hatorah respects to Rabbi Hoffman,when it comes to the facts of this issue mentioned in this article both scientific and historical they are simply wrong and inaccurate.I would like to point out just a few because the entire article is actually filled with disinformation that has been fed to the public over the last 20 years.
    1.The lead author of the 2004 CDC study used to disprove the Autism Thimerisol Link – Dr William Thompson – Came out in 2014 and said that the CDC actually covered up and lied about the data which actually showed that indeed there was a very strong link between Thimerisol and Autism.
    2.Thimerisol is still used in Influenza vaccines and multi dose vial vaccines.
    3. After the Thimerisol was phased out in the standard childhood vaccines by 2003, CDC started recommending Pregnant women and young children get flu vaccines. CDC Also began recommending Pregnant women get Accelular Pertussis vaccines. Acellular Pertussis Vaccine contains an Aluminum Adjuvant. Dr Boyd Haley has demonstrated that combining Aluminum with Thimerisol makes the Thimerisol 100 times more neuro toxic.
    Now you understand why even after Thimerisol was removed from childhood vaccines the Autism rate did not go down.
    When you you falsely disparage Frum Yidden based on lies, that is called Motzi Shem Ra.
    I am a proud frum “anti vaxxer”. I am an anti vaxxer because I have looked at the science behind the current public health policy and found it to be seriously deficient.I have also looked into the accusations of fraud at the CDC and found them to be credible as has Robert Kennedy Jr who wrote a book “Thimerisol Let The Science Speak” and produced a documentary “Trace Amounts”.
    It is not just about Thimerisol though. There are many other scientific and safety problems with the current vaccine regimen. It is very important to distinguish between public health policy promulgated by government agencies and science.In your article you equate the two. Big mistake.
    The fact that the CDC has been clearly shown to have been dishonest on this issue calls into question what else have they been lying about.
    Do all Newborn infants really require a HEP B vaccination? How did that come about? Actually long before Dr Wakefield published his excellent Case Study, it was precisely the HEP B shot that got me started asking questions.
    The vaccine safety coverup by mainstream media goes to the heart of the fake news issue.The main stream media has vilified “anti vaxxers” and blocked coverage of CDC fraud and scientific corruption out of deference to its corporate sponsors such as Merck,Glaxo,and Bayer/Monsanto. They have used the same tactics to attack President Trump and attempt to delegitimize his presidency.
    It will be a big shock to the public when the CDC will be forced to publicly confess that they are responsible not just for the Autism epidemic but also a whole host of neuro developmental disorders and auto immune disorders that are plaguing millions of children and now adults world wide as a result of their vaccine public health policy which is based on flawed, incomplete science and possibly deliberate corruption for monetary gain.

  3. Wow, MayerMayer, you try to come across as the know it all person.

    You blew it all away when you called (former Dr..) Wakefields study an excellent study.

    I am not a scientist or researcher yet I am required to study medical research as part of what I do, that said no one has ever defended Wakefields ‘study’ nor has anyone until today called it an excellent study, it is anything but excellent.

    You brought up Dr W. Thomson, I wish all readers do a quick google search on Dr W Thomson and articles that were published and interviews given by his colleagues.

    He claimed to have authored a study in which it proved that African Americans who received vaccinations were more prone to autism, his claim was that the CDC threw out his study, yet those involved and those who later reviewed what he did publish claim that his study doesn’t hold water, in fact the study was redacted.

    Like others with some agenda you will grab onto conspiracy stuff and try to scare people yet will refuse to review the evidence that is peer reviewed and sitting in front of you.

  4. mayermayer: “I am an anti vaxxer because I have looked at the science behind the current public health policy and found it to be seriously deficient.”

    Unless you are a trained physician, scientist, or public health professional, then you sound exactly like that random guy that never learned in yeshiva and says “I support women rabbis because I have looked at tshuvose behind the current psak and found it to be seriously deficient.”

    It’s nice that you looked into it, but not being a physician or public health expert, I would in a second side with the experts, the “gedolim” if you will of these fields, instead of following some random attorney/popular writer that wrote some book that is not publicly endorsed by any credible, respected physician or scientist.

  5. Below I am posting a link to the recorded conversations
    Of Dr William Thompson CDC Scientist.The public should be able to judge for themselves the veracity of his statements to Dr. Brian Hooker. They can also be found at a website called fearless parent. The recordings are about 4 hours in length total and are even more disturbing in the CDC corruption they expose, than the portions excerpted in the documentary Vaxxed.
    Dr Thompson submitted thousands of documents to Congressman Bill Posey on this matter and has whistle-blower status. The Congressman called for Congressional hearings on this matter from the floor of congress.
    Will we really be able to say Yadeinu Lo Shafchu Es Hadam Hazeh Veineinu Lo Rau to all the kids who have had their lives ruined by vaccine induced ADHD,Autism,and Learning disabilities if we ignore this issue and stick our heads in the sand??????;_ylt=A0LEVrgWtJRYvQQAcqgnnIlQ?p=Dr+Willaim+thompson&fr=yhs-mozilla-002&fr2=piv-web&hspart=mozilla&hsimp=yhs-002#id=8&vid=e70722f8cfe4fc6a3b8b792e242c68ff&action=view

  6. Anyone who has access to, pediatrician’s office medical & billing records can clearly see .The rates of all chronic illness are many times higher, among vaxxed kids. I have even compared twins where one was fully vaxed according to USA schedule & 1 was closer to Japanese schedule which is way less. The results was a major health advantage to less vaxed kids.

    MDs get paid between 1 & 2 thousand dollars for 1st year vax visits, plus hundreds in bonuses if majority of kids in their practice are “up to date”. Multiply that by how many kids they “serve” , quite a nice money bag

    Anyone paskining without knowing the facts will pay the price in beis din shel ma’alo

  7. As a trained scientist, I hope the many readers of The Yeshiva World News are not dissuaded by mayermayer from appropriately vaccinating their children (and where appropriate, themselves). Contrary to what he states, the science is excellent for the most part, some of the strongest confirmatory data in all of medicine.

  8. I am a physician and feel obligated to express my opinion.I commend Rabbi Hoffman for excellent review.mayermayer makes broad baseless statements that mislead and distort issue at hand.In nyc pregnant women are only given thimersol free vaccines(did not research other cities but certainly this is available everywhere).Statements such as “there are many other safety problems”.. etc.,are simply exaggerations and most likely false .Claims,accusations and predictions of confessions regarding the pharmaceutical industry being in collusion with CDC and covering up research are completely unfounded and some of companies mentioned dont even make those vaccines.
    The peleh yoetz writes that one shouldnt meddle into medical matters unless this is his expertise by training.Vaccines have been the refuah before the maka (whose concept I believe is even mentioned in gemara regarding rabies)for many years and has been the vehicle given us by hy that has prevented devastating and widespread illness rl.

  9. mayermayer: It’s great to see that you feel that your right and have “facts” to prove what you feel, but it doesn’t sound much different or as convincing as the global warming community. I’m sure you mean well but please ask yourself, even according to the “facts” that you mentioned in your comment, would you rather go back to the way the world was just 50 or a couple hundred years ago? When no one had access to vaccines and millions of people had to stand by and watch helplessly as their family member, sometimes even entire families (because they do spread) suffered and died from these same horrible diseases? We now have vaccines to prevent that from happening! What do you rather? Again according to your “facts”, get the vaccine on the chance that a child can become autistic etc. – but he’ll be alive.. (knowing that he’ll have a better chance in fighting the disease if he ever came in contact with it through out his entire life) OR- not to vaccinate, and having a child be exposed to these horrific diseases again?

    No system is perfect but at least with the vaccines MILLIONS of people aren’t dying and even more left sick or crippled.

    mayermayer: You don’t have to look at the science, just look at the history. Millions of lives have been saved.
    Just to name a few, Polio..Meningitis..Diphtheria..Whooping cough..Hib disease..Pneumococcal disease..

  10. I agree with meyermeyer. You can talk till your blue in the face but try and convince a mother who’s son got autism as she walked out of the doctors office that it has nothing to do. There are proven stories. Hopefully you won’t need one of these stories to prove to you the truth.

  11. To rabbi Hoffman: I understand this is a very debated subject but it is wrong for you to bring in “venishmartem”. That does NOT me getting vaccines. You are basing your psak on the words of powerful pharmaceutical companies who have a lot to lose otherwise. How do you have the right to decide that this falls under the definition of venishmartem. I’m not impressed with this article

  12. I want to point out and reiterate how the mainstream media (Fake News)as well as the Internet Monopoly Fake news purveyors such as Google,Facebook,Bing/Microsoft Amazon/Washington Post etc are responsible for shaping and manipulating public opinion on matters of not only Vaccines but also on matters such as Climate Change,the Israeli/Palestinian issue the legitimacy of Donald Trump’s Presidency,Race Relations,LGBTQ issues,and so on.
    In this respect all of these issues are interconnected and related in that the above mentioned information purveyors deliberately suppress information that they do not like and promote information that they do like. If you pay close attention you will see similar terminology being employed in these matters. Words such as “debunked” “Settled Science” “Denier” “Quack” “Racist” “Anti Science” “Anti Women” “Anti Equality” “Conspiracy theorist” and so on. So if a scientist questions claims of Human induced Global Warming/Climate Change they are labeled a “denier”. If a scientist or MD questions the official party line of vaccine science and safety they are labeled “Deniers”,”Extremists” and “Quacks”. Any scientific articles that are negative about vaccine safety are quashed and buried such as the one by Dr Yehuda Shoenfeld were he showed that the aluminum adjuvant in the HPV vaccine caused neurological damage and behavioral abnormalities to laboratory animals and was likely causing the same to humans. HPV vaccine by the way is known in Merck as “Have to pay for Vioxx”. The mainstream media has deliberately not covered the CDC vaccine corruption story involving Dr William Thompson and Dr Brian Hooker and the autism vaccine coverup because 70% of the advertising revenue for the media comes from the pharmaceutical industry. This is very insidious because it goes to the heart of free speech. Scientists and doctors who question the existing dogmatic paradigm are threatened with loss of license,grant money and livelihood simply for expressing their expert opinion. Dissent is no longer allowed after the powers that be decide it is “settled science”. Therefore with all due Kavod Hatora respect to Rabbi Hoffman, I feel obligated to protest a Halachik analysis that is based on false,and misleading scientific disinformation. The fact is the CDC lied about the link between Vaccines and Autism. This is a fact not my feeling or opinion. This was admitted to by Dr William Thompson the lead CDC epidemiologist for this matter. That fact and that fact alone should cause any objective person especially if you are a doctor or legislator trying to mandate vaccines and disallow opt outs, or a Rav offering a Halachik decision to go back and do your homework. If you really look into it you will see that the lies and the falshoods about efficacy and safety and the crimes against humanity in terms of informed consent such as with Salk testing Influenza and Polio vaccines on prisoners and children in orphanages and homes for the disabled go a long way back.

  13. Basically, all the people that claim that the CDC is corrupt are completely ignorant of statistics. They endanger life with their stupidities.

  14. I am so sick and tired of people with no education using this as a forum to espouse their idiocy of why vaccinations are bad. Get an education. learn how to analyze statistics and stop repeating nonsense about things that you don’t undrstand. Sure, all educated people are in a conspiracy t kill our children. In the meantime, you are risking everyone’s life.

  15. A problem with vaccination is the duration of artificial immunity.
    When a child gets sick with the natural disease, they will inquire lifelong immunity. This G-d given immunity is 100% effective.
    When a person gets vaccinated, not always to they produce adequate antibodies which renders the vaccine useless.
    Even if they do produce antibodies, the immunity does not last a lifetime like the real disease provides. Most vaccines will only grant protection for 2-7 years. In little babies, who’s immune systems are still immature, they will only have antibodies for a few short months!
    For centuries, humans depended on mother’s milk to pass immunity on to their babies. Science is finally catching up to this reality. Breast milk contains not only the greatest nutrients on the planet for babies, but it also gives protective antibodies from disease!

  16. Dr. William Thompson is the epidemiologist at the CDC who is the main subject of the documentary “Vaxxed.” The documentary makers fail to admit that he himself said:

    “I want to be absolutely clear that I believe vaccines have saved and continue to save countless lives. I would never suggest that any parent avoid vaccinating children of any race. Vaccines prevent serious diseases, and the risks associated with their administration are vastly outweighed by their individual and societal benefits.”

    Anti-vaxxers falsely use him to promote an idea that can kill our children. This anti-vaccine movement has to stop and the people behind it have to FULLY research things before they spit out their false “internet-news” conclusions.

  17. The thought police have spoken.
    It is very interesting how last night after Shabbos when I did a “quick google search” of this article it came up as the number 2 spot in the search results. But today it has disappeared. Could it be that the negative vaccine comments that I posted were picked up by Google’s Algorithms and the article was then scrubbed???? HMMMM???
    Also interesting is how some comments I posted on this article were posted, by yeshiva world, then removed and then reposted and some comments I posted were removed and not reposted so far.
    With all due sympathies to the parents of children who have been harmed by vaccines, It may just be that the censorship of ideas and debate surrounding this issue is an even bigger crime. As you can see, questioning the existing accepted vaccine paradigm, invites comments like “irresponsible” “Dangerous” “Endangering our children” “Endangering lives”. You are not allowed to talk about this issue and if you do you are told to shut up. Censorship of thought and speech is the ultimate form of tyranny and authoritarianism and eventually leads to physical abuse and enslavement. I find it informative that the most strident pro vaccine proponents seem to be the the same voices that are just as strident and militant in promoting alternative lifestyles and forcing the rest of society to change their “thinking” on matters of gender identity and the like. Hashta D’asinan Lehachi, I will mention that some scientists have proposed that Human DNA fragments in vaccines, may cause chimerism in some individuals and thereby contribute to Gender Identity disorder. It is no coincidence that the various “alternative lifestyles” and alternative definitions of marriage are being heavily promoted by the mainstream information purveyors as normal rather then part of a disease process. We should not have to be afraid to ask if there might be some scientific way to treat and reverse “Identity Disorders” and actually we should be demanding this research rather than standing by and accepting laws that go against our Torah and thousands of years of human history. Since this is a family website I will not go into more detail but Dai Lechakima Beremiza, and Hamevin Yavin.

  18. Oy vey we must all be suffering from Alzheimers. We forgot how many kids were dropping dead from chicken pox.

    The fact that chicken pox vax increases chance of brain cancer is no big deal.