Photo Essay: The Satmar Rebbe Of Williamsburg On Vacation In Miami (Photos by JDN)


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  1. Yes, you can see how one of the greatest gedolim today, walks in the street with a single gabbai and sits with other heilige Yidden. There is no secret service, no helicopters above, no checking of the sewers in the streets he is walking down. Our gedolim only fear the Eibishte not other bnei odom.

  2. Comment #2:
    Big deal. Heshy Goldberg and Yoely Schwartz also stroll the streets of Miami Beach and they do so, even without a single gabbai. They also have no fear (despite Turx’s concern). You’ve got to come up with a better answer than that.

  3. I really don’t understand:

    Isn’t there a CLEAR ISUR from HISACHDUS HORABONIM that one may absolutely not go to Miami – unless one is very old or sick?!

    You mean to tell me that every single person in those pictures are all sick and old – including the Satmar Rebbe himself?!

    What is their HETER to go against their very own Rabbonim?!

    Can someone please explain this?