Deri: PR & Expelling the Fanatics is the Answer


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Former Shas leader R’ Aryeh Deri in a Thursday radio interview addressed the recent anti-chareidi wave in Israel, seeking to give his advice on dealing with the alarming reality.

He begins with addressing the reality, that the anti-chareidi community is using high caliber people to launch its attacks, personalities like Tel Aviv Mayor Huldai and radio host Gazit. Deri feels that it is not sufficient to shout “anti-Semitism” at the attacks, but the community must respond positively, by generating its own positive public relations. This he feels can best be accomplished by enlisting professionals, an NGO staffed with experts in the field to counter the attacks by presenting the good that exists in the chareidi community.

Secondly, he feels that the community must openly and publicly expel the radicals, to announce the minority radical element in no way represents the chareidi community at large.

When asked if the secular community has anything to fear, Deri responded that when the frum are the majority, “we will be more democratic towards them than they have been to us”.

He did not in any way express an understanding tone for the unprovoked attacks against chareidim in recent weeks, but feels our response can and will be significantly more effective.

(Yechiel Spira – YWN Israel)


  1. no, dont expell radicals. that will be the left’s victory. force the left to expell its radicals. r’aryeh deri, what “racicals” are you talking about exactly? thats the question

  2. ana3, not even talking about radicals, you can’t keep the whole community in kollel forever on the government’s money despite the open resentment of the majority of the country — there is an issue of Chilul HaShem here R’L.

  3. #1 I was going say the same thing, Yeasher Koach (or as we used to say in yeahivah “Shkoach”).

    #2 Exactly what problems are you refeering to?
    Many Frie yidden hate Torah, there is no way to “fix
    it” other then ending all religious observence G-d

    #3 Gentiles say the same thing about Israel
    and all the money they get from America.
    They call Israel “a welfare state”.

  4. Yes,we cannot expect the secular community to support kollel yungerleit through their taxes, especially if the Charedi community is not paying their fair share of income tax.
    It is causing resentment which will not go away.

  5. Rabbi Deri’s idea to have an NGO working the media on behalf of the Charedi sector is a good start.
    We nevertheless need to understand than we can not take from the state coffers without giving back.
    We look like parasites.