Cash-Only Drivers May Get Higher Toll Hike


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E-ZPass users may get a break when the Metropolitan Transportation Authority Board votes next week on toll hikes.

But those who use cash-only lanes should prepare to dig deeper into their pockets.

According to the Daily News, drivers who pay with E-ZPass will be hit with a five-percent increase, just half of what was originally proposed.

The paper says drivers who pay cash will be hit with an 18-percent hike.

Board members tell the News they want to encourage more drivers to use E-ZPass, which they say will reduce MTA labor costs, traffic congestion, and pollution.

The agency had originally proposed a 25-cent to 50-cent increase per trip on its bridges and tunnels.

If approved, the hikes will go into effect in January to help close the agency’s budget gap.

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(Source: NY1)


  1. when they started ezpass they claimed it would be cheaper to use the toll crossings but as usual we don’t see it that way. let the cash customers pay more because MTA, PABTA, NYST, NJT, GSP, etc, have to spend money to take their tolls.