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Rangel Seeks Downgrade In Ethics Punishment

Congressman Charles Rangel is making a final attempt to salvage his reputation.

While waiting for the full House vote on whether to censure him, the 80-year-old Harlem Democrat is lobbying to have his punishment downgraded to a reprimand.

Earlier this month, the House Ethics Committee voted to recommend censure for Rangel’s 11 ethics violations, including fundraising and financial misdeeds.

A Rangel spokesman has now issued a list of 10 reasons why the Democrat should not be censured, all pointing to House precedent that Rangel’s violations do not warrant the extreme measure.

Rangel has apologized and admitted his mistakes, while denying any intent to violate standards of conduct.

He is expected to ask the House Chairman for time to plead his case before the full House vote, which could happen as early as Monday.

(Source: NY1)

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