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Airline Add-On Fees Double In Three Years

Airlines have doubled baggage fees and other add-ons since the extra charges took off in 2008, according to a report released by an airline consultant.

The review by Wisconsin-based IdeaWorks found that 47 airlines charged $21.5 billion for ancillary fees in 2010 — up 96 percent in just three years.

For some smaller airlines, the fees — for everything from baggage to in-flight food — now account for nearly a third of all the money they bring in, the report said.

The top airline was United Continental, which raked in $5 billion last year in such fees.

Delta took in $3.7 billion, followed by Fort Worth-based American, which collected $1.9 billion.

(Source: NBC DFW)

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  1. It is best to check luggage charges before travelling. I recently flew to Toronto on WestJet – at that time (April of this year) they were charging 50.00 for an overweight bag but only 25.00 for an additional bag. If you think you will do a lot of shopping or have a lot of things to take with, it is far less to take 2 bags.

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