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Democrats Choose Frum Assemblyman To Run For Weiner Seat

New York – Democratic leaders have chosen a state Assemblyman from Queens as their candidate to replace Rep. Anthony Weiner, who resigned last month. Assemblyman David Weprin will compete for the seat in a Sept. 13 special election.

He is heavily favored to win in the district, which covers parts of Brooklyn and Queens. Republicans are expected to choose a candidate to compete in the special election, but no Republican has ever won the seat.

Weprin, who’s 55, is a former New York City councilman. He ran unsuccessfully for the Democratic nomination to be comptroller in 2009.

Weprin is scheduled to meet with Democratic leaders Thursday night and will be formally nominated on Friday.

(Source: WCBSTV)

16 Responses

  1. This “FRUM” assemblyman JUST voted for Toeva “Marriage.”


  2. I happen to know Mr. Weprin and his family personally. He is well qualified for the job, and I wish him the best of luck in getting Mr. Weiner’s seat.

  3. If it is true that he is frum and he has voted for toeiva then allowing him to be the only orthodox jewish congressman and have a value system that is anti-torah will only prove to be a massive chillul hashem.

  4. The Dems chose the best person for the Job. Weprin is acutely aware of all the unique situations and needs of the frum community. He is modern orthodox and a great supporter of Israel but he supported some very left wing social issues that go against Torah Values.
    Dems are now in the minority and are expected to be there for a long time. Electing a Republican would give the community immediate clout in Congress. If that Republican is Jewish than he/she would become only the second Republican Jew in Congress at this time. Majority Leader Eric Cantor is Jewish.

    What a dilemma!!!

  5. deepthinker:

    That so? What a pity. I hope my party finds a good opponent.


    Antonio Hot-dog also had photo-ops with frumaks. Meaningless.

  6. Why is someone who came in last in the primary for NYC Controller such a strong candidate for a national office? BTW, David is Modern Orthodox, and would certainly continue Weiner’s policies and support of Israel. End of positive comments.

  7. The real question is why is he giving up his State job for a House job that will probably be eliminated shortly due to redistricting.

  8. The responsibility of an elected official in a democracy, is to represent his constituents to the best of his ability. Whether representing people whose values are against torah is correct doesn’t seem to be the discussion. But responsibly fulfilling his constituents desires can’t be considered wrong.I wish his constituents didn’t desire gay marriage but they do. As such, I recommend Mr. Weprin’s intellectual and political honesty in voting for the despicable values of his constituents. I also believe that we need frum people representing NYC at a state level. Mr. Weprin would not be in the position he is in – the favorite to win a position with a large ability to help yidden – without correctly voting for the despicable views of his constituents. If you don’t wish to live in a democracy, buy an island on craigslist.
    Without a frum monarchy (which is ideal but not practical until the geula), democracy is the best solution. If that means gay marriage is given equal rights despite the fact that it is disgusting and wrong, because the majority of people think it’s ok,i’d prefer that to communist Russia. Wouldn’t you?

  9. To # 11 frumnotyeshivish:

    You are wrong. Did Dov Hikind vote for toayvah marriage? If you are a principled legislator and uphold your Torah values than you will be respected by all (except the perverts who want toayvah marriage).

    Most people oppose this garbage legislation but the toayvah supporters use “push questions” to skew their poll results. The reality is that most normal people are against this garbage. They will tolerate it to a point but they’re tired of hearing about it.

  10. Who is FRUM. Is it a function of listening to Daas Torah? is it a function of going to frum schools? Does it mean be sufficiently removed from the goyim’s world that no one would mistake you for being a goy. Does it require being a Ben Torah.

    While the gentleman’s published biographies aren’t super detailed, you have to read between the lines to figure out he’s one of “us”. Perhaps it would be better to describe him as “Shomer Shabbos” rather than “Frum.”

  11. Dear “frumnotyeshivish” (no. 11):

    What a novel approach you have–We need to support Hitler and Haman, in order that we can advocate for Klal Yisroel.

    You have clearly stated the discredited idea that “The end Justifies The Means.”

    May I suggest that, in the process of doing evil to eventually have the ability to do good, you will probably end up becoming evil yourself. As the Sifrei Mussar explain “Haodom Nifal Lefi Peulosov”–A person’s character is shaped by his deeds.

    It is almost impossible for a decent person with political ambitions to make it in the Democrat party. The official positions of the Party leadership–Abortion, Toeva, etc.–make it unlikely that a person not sharing those views will be able to rise in the heirarchy.

  12. A quote from today’s Wall Street Journal website:

    “Mr. Weprin said he knows his GOP opponent will attack him for the gay-marriage vote, but he said he stands by the decision. “I was very proud to vote for marriage equality,” he said.”

    The WSJ referred to him as “observant” which is less than “orthodox”.

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