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Move To Block San Fransisco’s Attempt To Ban Male Circumcision

A Los Angeles lawmaker is pushing legislation that would bar cities and counties from banning male circumcision – a proposal aimed squarely at San Francisco.

A San Francisco initiative seeks a ban on circumcision. If ultimately approved by local voters, it would impose a $1,000 fine and a year in jail, or both, on violators.

Gatto’s AB 768  would prevent any local legislation attempting to regulate or ban male circumcision. The bill originally dealt with providing incentives for using bio-fuels, and it passed the Assembly in that form and was set to reach a Senate committee.

But it was rewritten to address circumcision on July 7 – a maneuver known in the Capitol as a hijack or a gut-and-amend. It is set to return to the Senate committee in the altered form and face its first major policy test.

The bill is a response to recent proposed bans on circumcision.


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