Study: NYC Sidewalks Getting More Crowded


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If you’ve noticed sidewalks are getting more crowded across the Big Apple this year, it’s not your imagination.

The Department of Transportation sends teams to 50 locations around the city twice a year to gauge pedestrian volume. Officials at the DOT said the city’s sidewalks are more crowded this year than at any time in the part five years.

Since the creation of the Pedestrian Volume Index in 2007, sidewalks have seen an increase in pedestrian traffic of 13 percent.

(Source: WCBSTV)


  1. Long time ago, (81) I drove a commercial route that ran through Maspeth, downtown Brooklyn Manhattan, and some Bronx. My ironclad rule was to get out of Manhattan by 11;30 or 12;00, because otherwise it meant contending with huge masses of pedestrians. I reasoned that these weren’t tourists, nor residents. They were people who came out for lunch and apparently did not go back to work. Productivity is not what one would think it is.