Camps Linked to Law Enforcement Agencies Through new Misaskim Camp Notification System


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pdcA major new revolutionary program to upgrade communications between summer camps and law enforcement and other agencies, was launched this week by Misaskim, the organization well-known for its community preparedness initiatives. The new Camp Notification System, developed after many years of research and development, will go a long way in helping summer camps prepare, respond, and avoid unpleasant events. By being part of the Misaskim Camp Notification System, camp directors will automatically have access to information by many law enforcement agencies as well as such agencies as Hatzoloh on situations that may affect their camp. The Camp Notification System, which applies to camps that are located in Sullivan and Ulster county will be used for the first time put a camp into a network of communications where time is of the essence. The system’s ability to provide accurate and timely information is priceless.

Misaskim’s Camp Notification System will alert camps about such issues as inclement weather, major traffic issues, and developments in a local neighborhood that may affect a camp. Directors of the camps have been signing up to be part of this unprecedented notification system. The various law enforcement agencies that relate to the summer vacation experience for tens of thousands were extremely enthusiastic about their ability to communicate “in real time” with camp officials.

“The beauty of this program,” said a Misaskim spokesman, “is it ability to reach as many camps as is necessary about a given event, even pinpointing a single camp that may be in close proximity to an issue that they should be aware of.” He added: “Thanks to Misaskim’s extensive relationship with law enforcement and emergency responders, this cutting-edge system became a reality.”

Meir Frischman, who heads the Association of Jewish Camp Operators, and who also serves as director of Camp Agudah and Camp Bnos, said that the Camp Notification System “was long overdue as an essential method of communications between camp directors and key agencies.” He added “With the responsibility of caring for tens of thousands of children, this System is a major addition to assuring that they enjoy a healthy and joyful summer.”

The Camp Notification System is part of Misaskim’s extensive Summer Safety Program. It includes the widely disseminated glossy 96-page Misaskim Cares. It is distributed to more than 120,000 Jewish homes (readership of nearly 300,000 people). Termed as “Your Guide to a Healthy & Safety Summer,” the magazine is the definitive informational guide to a safe summer. This full-color magazine has become an important guide for vacationers and summer travelers. It features articles and essays on safety and chesed issues by leading experts that range from staying safe from bears to choosing alternate routes during heavy travel periods to and from the Catskill Mountains.

(YWN Sullivan County Newsroom)